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Todays Last Customers - Kenny Styles & Coco!

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Keni's camping escapades usually pay off, however this last trip has left him tense & pain ridden, from seeing music festivals in Europe.  Little old lady gave him 300 dollars because he was looking all disheveled getting off plane.  What nice old lady! Wonder if she knows that Keni is spending her 'money' on happy ending? Coco almost didn not let him in! She was just about to close! however couldn not resist little after hours diddle.

Its About To Bust - Aimee Black & Vince Stevens!

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Aimee Black is resident expert on back tension.  Vince just threw out his arm, so this pairing couldn not have been more perfect, & in More ways than one! Aimee knows how to please, whether its her expert back massage or first rate cock sucking.  Watch her strip & shove her sweet clam in Vince's face for him to snack on her succulent pie.

Time For Myself - Eric Masterson & Cristina Paradise!

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Eric has been stressed about work all week, to take some time for himself he came in to have massage.  Cristina, being professional knows exactly what he really means.  Sure Eric get's massage, however is that all he needs? Cristina identifies exactly which parts need massaging & with what parts of her own body.  Cristina has always been there to satisfy her clients needs.  Even if that means corporal punishment out sex stick & pounding back of her throat with it.

Would She Do This? - Chloe Amour & David Loso!

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David has big plans for today! Aside from this massage, just to get kinks out from playing soccer, he wants to take his soon to be fiance for dinner & dancing tonight.  the success of his proposal to his ex girlfriend is going to hinge on whether Chloe can fix his sore leg muscles.  Chloe Amour has even bigger plans for David's massage.  This horny vixen is wild & keen on seducing David, & giving him something sexy to remember before he hooks up to his ball & chain.

Daddys babe - Will Powers & Brooklyn Chase!

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Brooklyn has very interesting history! Her Daddy sent her to an all girls catholic school (who knows what she learned there!) & then she went to massage therapy school, with interest of helping human.  What sweet little chatty Cathy! Will has probably dreamed for years of teaching cute & naive cherry masseuse how to take care of him...  How far do you think he can get her to go before she cracks? Just wait until you see how creative she gets!

My ex girlfriend Sent Me - Jamie Stone & Delilah Davis!

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Jamie has been little soldier lately, & his ex gf wasn not having any of it, so she filled his hands with cash & sent him to massage parlor to get massage.  Delilah has huge task set before her.  She has to somehow find way to work this mens frustrations out so she can send him home to his gf with his tail between his legs.  Watch as she expertly makes her way to Jamie's rod & shoves it down her warm throat.  Jamie has probably never had such good blow job.  His poor girlfriend must be dud.

Rubbed Out - Gaia & Tony Martinez!

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Tony Martinez was watching his Cowboys on Sunday afternoon & another bone-head interception got him so worked up that he threw out his back.  Little did he know that was luckiest play of game, until he showed up at massage studio & met Gaia! Watching this Asian masseuse with huge melons & submissive personality do her best to rub out every those aches is enough to make this one of best fantasy massage sessions we have ever filmed in private.  Watch closely during cumshot, because Gaia drinks down that cream so quick its almost hard to find this, even though its spewed all over her hottest face.  She really is thirsty for your affection!

Hangover - Ike Diezel & Kierstin Koyote!

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Ike Diezel is very interested in deep tissue massage & happy ending.  He comes right out & says so, within moments of meeting Kierstin Koyote because he is trying to get over Halloween party hangover & he knows fastest way to do that is by leaving his tension on massage table, & his cum shot in Kierstin's mouth! She wanna to make sure he get's good value for his couple hundred bucks, so she gives really great massage before she ever thinks about stripping off her safari print bikini.  However, once she is kneeling on table, switch goes off inside her mind & only thing that matters to her is earning monster cum shot Ike can muster up for her mouth!

The Full Deal - Richie Calhoun & Shay Fox!

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Shay Fox wants to really make sure she understands exactly what Richie wants, & Richie is trying to make point without coming right out to say it.  That makes interview little awkward until they settle on term 'the full deal' to express exactly kind of massage Mr.  Calhoun wants from his breasty brunette masseuse.  Shay goes through all other areas before settling on his love stick for some deep throat massage with her mouth muscles & that talented tongue of hers.  From full 69 on table to cumming right in her mouth, this session finishes with facial bang & biggest happy ending!

Quick Stop - Tommy Gunn & Cameron Dee!

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Tommy tries & tries to get his massages at home from his masseuse ex girlfriend, however Cameron wants nothing to do with it, because she knows that whenever she touches him he get's too excited & they just end up fucking.  This time will be different though, he came into spa to see what she gives all fellas, no hanky-panky, just to prove that he can control him-self.  Is this what all guys get? Is Cameron one who always ends up excited? Just wait & see who budges 1st!

A missy Touch - Josh Rivers & Lia Lor!

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Lia Lor specializes in deep tissue massage with 'head of steam' finish which is super news for Josh Rivers.  Josh lives really active lifestyle & works out all time which keeps him strong & toned however also makes it harder for him to stay loose.  Some trainers think stretching exercises are way to go, however we all know that what any athletic guys needs to find increased flexibility is Woman's Touch! With just right amount of lotion, Ms.  Lor uses delicate amount of pressure to soothe legs, ankles & emotions.  She wishes he didn not already have ex gf, & when she slips her hand underneath his towel she finds out he is ready to be much more open with her.  Sucking penis until she starts to sniffle & working his panis with tight full-fisted grip, Lia Lor has skills to thrill any client.  The happy ending finish proves she is worthy of another visit in very near future!

Every Sunday - Tony Martinez & Alexa Aimes!

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Tony comes in every Sunday after footballl to rest, relax & celebrate another week of picking winners.  His fantasy team wins league every year, & his fantasy Massage Parlor routine may be reason for all that nice luck.  Alexa Aimes isn not is usual masseuse, so for superstitious twink love Tony that might have been huge deal - except for fact that Alexa is so fucking cute! She really wants to make sure he comes back to see her again next time instead of using Gaia, girl who he usually gets.  That kind of competitive spirit is what made Tony sports fan in 1-st place, & when Ms.  Aimes shows off depth of her suck skills she secures victory without even needing to go into overtime.  See you next Sunday!

Fetish xxx Clinic 3!

Fetish porno Clinic tracks adventures of our hot 'PornoRubber Clad Nurses' & their wacky patients.  Its 'In ya Face Hardcore' of highest order as tubes, fluids, food, hugest toys, speculums & lashing's of hot creamy spunk are dished out under strict prescription to our 'sex-addicted' inmates.  the nurses milk hard wet throbbing penises or creaming hot wet ovens to gratify sex pests need to cream.

Refer Friend - Christie Stevens & Tony Martinez!

medical collage sex
Tony got referral from friend & finds out right away from Christie Stevens that his friend will got 10% discount on future massages just for turning him on to this particular massage parlor.  Never bashful type, when asked what ails him, Tony says simply that he has some soreness in his groin area - perhaps easiest way ever to let masseuse know you are in mood for more than body rub! Christie is pretty chatty during rub down because she get's little nervous when she sees size of hew new muscular client.  She's such petite blonde, being able to handle such big fuckers is quite challenge for her however she cums through brilliantly! From way she uses her hands to way she handles his balls, there is never any doubt that this massage is destined to end with big size cumshot right in her swet mouth!

Online Gambler - Eric Masterson & Sienna Day!

medical sex picture
Eric is an online gambler coming off huge payday & looking to celebrate his winning ways by treating himself to trip to Massage Parlor.  Fortunately for him, his luck is holding up & white haired Brit Sienna Day is working this afternoon.  Her English accent is exotic & her hands are so erotic, that its easier for her to pitch happy ending to client whose towel is already pitching tent! Lots of lotion & an expert grip made all difference as Sienna tries to convince Eric to go All In on full oral fantasy massage that finishes all over her best face!

Sleezy Step-Dad - James Bartholet & Tia Cyrus!

medical student sex
Tia Cyrus is bit shocked to see her step dad show up to her massage parlor, especially when he announces he's horny! however Tia is trained professional & she relies on her extensive training to keep things as professional as she can.  Clearly he's come in looking for full service package.  mere 9 minutes into massage, he cuts to chase & lets Tia know exactly what he wants.  After Tia & him work out deal - its on!!! Tia takes off his towel to reveal his cock, which she easily get's hard with few strokes.  See her wank him off after lubing up his staff of life with plenty of spit.  She sets rules straight, that no spanking is allowed, & she proves why all mens say she gives best blowjobs in town.

The Promoter - Ashden Wells & Jay Voom!

medical voyeur sex
Jay Voom is huge club promoter & after having hugest night, he comes in to massage parlor for hard earned massage.  however so much more get's hard for him in this scene! When Ashden Wells introduces herself as his masseuse, its easy to see how stud would pop boner during her session.  Ashden & Jay start to flirt & it leads to massage with full on happy ending.  Ashden takes off her silk robe to reveal her smoking body as its decked out in black bra & panty set.  She lets Jay touch her as she takes it all off before she climbs on table to let him lick her clam as she sucks his thick cock.  Ashden goes right to it & this scene offers plenty of close up shots of her sucking down every inch of his mans meat.  Jay get's his money worth from this massage as he cums all over Ashdens pretty little face & hands, getting some in her hair to boot.

Surfers Knots - Jamie Stone & Austin Lynn!

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Jamie Stone was out surfing & tweaked muscle, so he headed to local massage parlor to get it worked out.  The hot Austin Lynn is masseuse on hand & she immediately starts flirting with him because she is totally digging his surfer look.  Since she specializes in full body massage with happy ending, it should semen as no surprise when she climbs up on table & rubs her ass & pussy all up in Jamie's face to get him hard.  Clearly she wants his rod in her mouth hard-core.  Austin loves to blowing studs off & she considers blowjobs her specialty.  See her throat every inch of Jamie' penis down as she goes lips to balls on his purple headed monste.  This is must see scene, especially if you like pierced & tattooed chicks.  Austin goes every out to give Jamie happy ending of lifetime as he shoots hugest cum on her face, in her mouth & asks her to switch it on her its.

Brylee The Specialist - Romeo Price & Brylee Remington!

sex in medical school
Brylee Remington is specialist.  She's studied many different massage techniques & she knows exactly what each & every client needs to feel good.  Today Romeo Price came in with pain in his back.  Knowing how nice Brylee is at what she does, he gives her control to do what she does best.  Watch as Brylee works his thick, sore muscles with her strong hands.  She's taken back by how tight & strong he is & you can tell she's getting turned on as she trails her hands all over his body.  After sneaking peek at his penis as he turns over, Brylee starts to make her move.  Noticing her client is already hard, Brylee gives his dong squeeze & asks if he would be interested in her full service treatment.  Brylee takes his cock in her mouth slow & deep, as she uses her tongue ring to massage his shaft.  She gives an amazing blow job as she lets Romeo eat her hole out before finishing him off with strocking.

Long haired nurse Jacynda spreading her pink chopper!

medical students sex

Jacynda is scenic nurse with strawberry white haired hair & slender yummy body with firm round breasts & tight shaved taco & she loves to get passionate in office when she thinks no is watching.  However, her boss has installed surveillance cameras around office & catches her sneaking into an empty exam appartment & taking clothes off out of her uniform.  He watches her take her fingers & grab & pinch her nipples & then she takes her long fingers & uses them to tease her camel before she get's dressed & returns to work with smile on her face.  

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