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But the other day I stopped by for Look and his bank called and…!

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I love stories that start out with words 'I know guy…' & in this case I do, I know stud, one who happens to own tanning salon & for longest time I have been tempted to ask him to turn on his security cameras that are in each of rooms when there is hot hottie in one.  however I know this folk & he would freak out if I suggested that, cameras are only there for after he closes up for night in case someone breaks in.  

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This time I stuck around in another room because I was sure he would puss out and not let me see the film.!

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I need to make & market my very own version of spycam called 'RevengeCam' because it sure does seem like lot of girls are piss off wrong guys.  This extremely hot blonde girl's bf found out that she sucked another boy's cock at party & even chowed down on another babe's vagina.  & he had problem with both of these things so he came to me.  'I really want to teach this maiden lesson' is what he told me & I said 'NOOOOOooo Problem, I'll hook ya up' couple of discrete drill holes, few wires & hours later & he was ready for his revenge.  

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voyeur of youth sex kitten changing clothes!

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Great things come in small packages as this short video proves! The man who sent me this clip tape will remain nameless however he said he shot it while standing on balcony of his apartment building.  He had been eyeing this girl for weeks & as he was walking by he glanced in & BAM! There she was trying on different bras.  Thank GOD for cameras & good luck he had his.  Enjoy this hot teen while she unknowingly shows off her incredible body to our unblinking spycam's eye

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Cute 18 old miss caught on spycam in the shower!

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She goes in to take shower however spots camera in under minute; he is certainly no pro at this that is for sure! however instead of freaking out, girl plays along with this; rubbing & touching her body all over & even masturbating herself with her fingers.  When he watched film he was scared to death that she would say something to his daughter however instead, as she was leaving to go back to school, she leaned in & whispered something in his ear… however he wouldn't tell me exactly what it was.  He just smiled in me & said 'Now YOU don't know'

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18 old couple caught fucking in woods!

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Meet Ira, this 18 year old girl is quite nature lover & ex gf of one of our most active Cabal members.  He get's off completely on being watched fuck girls or movie taping them to share with his friends & our group.  This folk is smart too because he figured out way to install several cameras in his car that shot best clip with audio imaginable & be completely stealth.  This time out he takes Ira to one of their favorite places to chill & he fucks hell out of her.  He bangs her in multiple positions & even blows his nut inside her.  That's right, it is full blow internal cumshoot & you don't see those much any more!

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Another dumb bitch trying to do something special for her boyfriend.!

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That's all nice & gorgeous & I am sure boyfriend appreciated gesture & came home & fucked his gf silly.  What she Didn't Know is that he friend, girl, made copy of video for her own personal enjoyment.  & when girl in film made pass at HER Boyfriend… HOLY SHIT! The film ended up in my hands & while it is not technically voyeur video, it is HOT as fuck & she certainly didn't wanna me or you to see it!

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She doesn't know she's watched!

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So here is one of those mans that love to be completely anonymous, however I we are very happy with results.  He hid his camera in his living room & when his her stops by camera starts rolling & we get to watching her suck his hard cock, get fucked & even see him eat her hole! This is very good clip & she didnít know what was going on at all.

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Remember that willing slutty hitchhiker?!

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Can you say DashCam!? I hope so because our resident super genius must & when he installed this one he could not wait to try it out.  Remember that willing slutty hitchhiker? She is back & fucking & sucking our dudes's brains out.  I am sure when she finds out about this site he is going to have some explaining to do.  however for me I will just sit here, watching this vid few dozen times & tell man to quit using black condoms… they watch weird!!

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stud with carcam again and every I have to say is 'I'm not worthy'!

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Of course he wanted little something for trouble & she was more then happy to comply! & DAMN does she comply, she sucks his sex stick like she is starving, she fucks him like womens in heat & she even gulps down his jelly! The best part is this camera set up is so superior, quality is so high I swear, it felt love I was right there! Is you have fast connection definitely… definitely go with Hi Def quality on this video, it will positively amaze you at how good it is!

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College Girl On Hidden Cam!

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You see how easy it is boys!? This guy wanted to show off to us just how hot his ex gf from university is, so what did he do? He just sent digital camera up on his dresser & turned this on with remote in his pocket.  We get to see him get his dick sucked & he get's fucked by an extremely hot slut with sweetest tits! He even bends her over & fucks her just few inches from camera! this is great She didntít Know at all!! super blow-job, great rear entry fuck & hottest pair of melons like ever!

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Hot 18 years old girl gets fucked in the woods!

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When I had said that Ira & Anita shared everything I Didn't Know this extended out to their bfs too! however here he is, fuck hell out of that very cute brunette teen Anita, out in woods again.  This camera was turned on by remote control; can you imagine that? however it really didn't matter how he set this whole thing up bottom line is we got to see Anita in action & she is just as fond of internal cumshots as her friend is.  This hot youth slut loves penis & it shows in this steamy spycam vid!

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18 years old Helens BF set up hidden cam!

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A member of Cabal who wishes to remain nameless had met women partying named Helen & two of them hit it off really good & started dating.  however then he found out that this girl had been getting drunk & fuck other guys using excuse that she couldn't help herself.  Little did she know about his membership in cabal & that she was about to be his next victim.  He thought long & hard about where he was going to put camera weekend she was going to spend with him & after placing several, this one was best of vidz he got.  This is him surprising Helen in tub & fucking hell out of her & even gives this 18old cutie pretty facial.  He knew camera was there however she Didn't Know!

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Have you ever wondered why girls take so damn long in the fucking bathroom?!

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Have you ever wondered why girls take so damn long in fuck bathroom? So have I & this clip shows some of reason girls seems to hog bathroom time so much.  I am NOT going to mention how this camera got where it got or why footage is so good.  Just enjoy this hot video of hot fresh meat girl getting ready to go out for night of partying & I am sure ton of sluttiness too! Now all I need to do is find out which club she parties at & maybe I can get much closer Check of these perfect jugs!

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beautiful brunette teen rubs her pussy and caught on hidden cam!

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Here is cool thing about this vid; he & I looked over hundreds of hours of vids before we found this unbelievable capture of miss trying on clothes.  She can have for real liked them too because she rubs one out while she is in dressing room! That's right she is all over her cunt & here is funy part, by turning away from curtain so she wouldn't be caught, she ends up facing our camera!!! Its excellent footage of hot fresh meat playing with her vagina & she just Didn't Know!

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Sexy blond cherry Spied Changing Clothes!

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This videoclip was remarkably easy for me to set up here is how I did it.  First I knew this lad who had an insanely prety looking girlfriend named Olga.  This babe is hot & has kick hind end body what she also has is ability to fuck any stud she wants & her boy friend found out that meant more than just him & he got pissed.  So he came to me & I set up hotel room spycam & told him to get her in there & then make an excuse to leave.  It took me two days to get this movie since he wanted to hit it few times before I got her on videoclip.  In this scene she changes her clothes few times & we get fresh nice look at that incredible set of tits that she has.  Hell I am thinking about accidentally bumping in to her & see if I can get better footage of her fuck ME!!

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Here is the background on this very good video.!

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He installed mirror just like he was paid to, however he also took mini spycam & installed it expertly in an area it would not be seen in.  Here is best footage he shot & sent to me.  It shows that same girl getting undressed, washing her nylon in sink & than taking shower/bath.  The light coming in window highlights her fucking incredible body.  Next time he nicer to hired help slut!

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Steamy spycam videoclip!

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When I had said that Ira & Anita shared everything I Didn't Know it extended out to their bfs too! however here he is, fucking hell out of that very cute brunette 18old Anita, out in woods again.  This camera was turned on by remote control; can you imagine that? however it really didn't matter how he set this whole thing up bottom line is we got to see Anita in action & she is just as fond of internal cumshots as her friend is.  This cute 18old hooker loves cock & this shows in this steamy spycam video!

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Hidden Cam Of fresh meat Anita Playing Wither Her hole!

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Anita kept up her shit of asking me over to do shit for her & this time it was putting shoe rack inside of her closet; what dumb bitch! Oh sure, I have no problem doing that for her since I have plenty of cameras & she is way too stupid to suspect that her GOOD FRIEND would do anything like this.  On this trip to her house I was in hurry to leave & 'forgot' one of my adult magazines on floor in her closet.  Don't tell me Anita isn't horny, she finger bangs hell out of her tight teen pussy looking at my magazine! You should have seen her expression when I stopped by next day asking for it, I swear she turned brightest red I have ever seen & said she hadn't seen it.  

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Hidden Cam Of fresh meat girl Anita Taking Shower!

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Anita may look delicious & innocent however this bitch really pissed me off.  I had been sweet talking her for several months hoping to get in & get me few of that clam & I really thought I had chance.  however instead she started inviting me over to fix bunch of stuff around her house because I am pretty handy with tool belt.  the last straw was when she asked me to put up new medicine cabinet in her bathroom, however she didn't really ask me, she hinted around enough times until I volunteered to do it; I HATE THAT SHIT! What I don't hate is putting up cameras in, bitches like this, bathrooms! & this one is good one, it is well placed & she never knew it was there.  Smile for camera Anita, now we all know what you are hiding under those clothes.  

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teenager hooker fucked while filmed by spycam!

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This crazy ass bitch had been chasing our guy around for months trying to break up him & his lady & it finally worked.  He got really mad about it because this whore was telling lies about how they had fucked at party & all that.  When his ex girlfriend heard stories it was over, & no second chance.  

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