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The Upper Floor: Thin Line Between Art And sex 2 Play Party!

Welcome back for Thin Line Between Art & pron 2! This great kinky play party with skilled rope bondage, caning, flogging, boot licking, machine fucking, cock sucking & crotch fucking! All being documented by artists & photographers as well as members!

The Training Of O: Devaun, Day Three!

sex Slave: Teach her that there is more to being xxx subby than fucking & sucking.  Anal Training: Tentative & slow.  Continue with small toys to further stretch her submissive ass-hole.Basic Protocol: She serves with self assured smirk, & needs to be taken down notch.  Processing: She is not masochist, however today, with orgasms, she will suffer for our pleasure.   Recommendations: Start by ordering her to run armory stairs till her self satisfied demeanor falters, then push her into desperate & quivering state of reliance & submission through severe exercise & discipline.   Test her temperament further.  Cuff & collar her sweaty body, leash her & lead her through Armory halls to her next station, where she is blindfolded & bound into very difficult squat & made to suffer for our amusement until she properly begs to be allowed to escape into relief of screaming orgasm.  This is very difficult scene for our young trainee & is intended for experienced bdsm viewer.  Order her to hold position & be whipped while sadistic Mistress Claire Adams masturbates to her sweet suffering.  strap-on gag her & order her to service Claire's wet crotch.  Order her onto every four on exam table to continue her anal training.  Stretch her subby ass hole with vibrating dildo, reinforcing this training with more massive orgasms.  Dismiss her for evening to subby quarters with her homework assignment, where she is left to consider her decision to train here.  

Teachers Pet!

There has to be more to life then teasing man, lot more.  Its lesson that David has been trying to teach Nyssa for very long time.  When Sicilia is sent to Headmistresss office, she knows she really pushed it to far.   Jade finds herself once again at mercy of Master Blackthorne.   Class is now in session.  new school year finds 'Head' Mistress Jada welcoming her new students.  Cameron can take some lessons from our 'Bad Teacher', Headmistress Irony

Bound Gangbangs: Brand New lady Gets Tied Up, Gangbanged, And Dped every For The First Time Ever!

Please welcome Nicole Ryder, brand new face at & relatively new sex kitten to industry in general! Today you get special treat of seeing her FIRST experience being BOUND for sex, her FIRST GANGBANG, & her FIRST threesome, ever!!!!!! Total amateur hottness!!!

Everything Butt: female prostitute Is Born!

Chastity Lynn's friends think that large abandoned building is haunted & dare her to sneak in.  She finds an old prison cell in the site & before she knows whats going on, Chastity is locked in cage.  The best & sadistic caretaker, Isis Love, turns this poor innocent women into full blown anal female prostitute! Chastity is punished for trespassing & her ass hole is prepared for her first paying client.  She get's fucked with steel dildo, spread with an anal speculum, fisted wrist deep in her butt hole & sodomized with monster sized strap-on dildo! After all that, she is dressed up like hooker & ass fucked roughly by mobster.  Enjoy!

the Training Of O: The Training Of Devaun, Day Two!

Recommendations: Hobble her in cuffs & chains & put her to work under table sucking off two dominant fucker while they prepare notes for day's work.  Make her amuse us by dancing for us & keeping up with two hard cocks at same time - one in her oven & one on her mouth.   Training Goals: sex slave Anal Training Basic Protocol Pain Processing Recommendations: Hobble her in cuffs & chains & put her to work under table sucking off two dominant men while they prepare notes for day's work.  Make her amuse us by dancing for us & keeping up with two hard cocks at same time - one in her clam & one on her mouth.   As she slurps up hot come off table top, loosen her asshole with demanding however plug & gauge her response.   Tie her in vulnerable position & apply pleasing pressure, utill she is exhausted & hoarse from her screaming orgasms.  Assign usually homework & journaling, & deliver her to her quarters for evening.  

The Upper Floor: The Finer Points Of Corporal Punishment!

Its anal day for Cherry Torn & what more suitable than an ass plug with tail & her hand jammed up Bella's hoochie! Rossi advances in nipple punishment by taking clamps & clothespins & being on verge of cumming for as long as expected.  Next they are tested in posture & consistency through predicament straight jacket with ropes, nipple clamps & twine while Maestro interrogates struggling house slaves.  Because of there determination & attentiveness slaves get to work together in draining Master's sex stick!

Bound Gangbangs: Kink Wardrobe Stylist Fulfills Her Fantasy Of Being Physically Overpowered And Fucked In Every Hole!

Vivienne Del Rio is wardrobe stylist at  She has long standing fantasy of being physically overpowered by strong guy & being made to submit to their dicks.  Today is her day, day she will live out her fantasy.  She struggles hard to prevent men from controlling her, however she is helpless, too many of them, just one of her.  She slowly tires from physically excursion & becomes puppet for twinks to use.  Rough porn, double-penetration, DVP, & human bondage inside!!!!

The Upper Floor: Stefanos Sunday Brunch!

Brunch with kinky twist.  Master of House invites Stefanos to host his wild Sunday Brunch on Upper Floor.  

Missogyny 8!

Were not sure if its lack of attention or craving for submission & domination, however Aria Aspen & Tori Lux have earned them-selves another detention with Mistress Crash.  If they wont learn from books, theyll learn from punishment.  Crashs other student, Marie McCray, was late again.  Pipe bound, face down, butt up, shes left in hands of Mistress Indigo.  If youre true devotee to your Mistresses, you know punishment for tardiness.  Repeat offenders get this worse, of course!

Bound By Desire: Act 3: Property Of love!

Casey Calvert & Allie Haze have grown comfortable in their new lives of being submissive sex bottom to their dominant husbands Richie Calhoun & Ryan Driller.  Spoiled & given everything they want, they are in world of warped desires & deliciously wicked dominatrix's Julia Helen & porn toy gimp Logan Pierce.  Casey is given any man she finds sexually appealing, Johnny Castle, as gift by her husband who lives for seeing her pleasured.  Now Casey is confronted with need to return favor.  Into dbsm world Casey brings her childhood friend Natasha Nice to be shown why love begins with spank & swat.  

The Upper Floor: Stefanos Brunch!

Join Upper Floor household for Sunday brunch & kinky play party!

Missogyny 6!

Pipe caged, ice, mousetraps, gas mask, double mastery, dildos, vibrators, school games, & of course bright red skinthats just usual night for Mistress Crash.  When one slaves returns for training, one by one, more wanted to come back.  For your entertainment, Crash invites back Cherry Torn, Tori Lux, Krysta Khaos & Ladie Lane, heightening her tactics to see if theyll return again.  They did wish for it.  

The Upper Floor: Stefanos Hosts Sunday Brunch!

Maestro Stefanos & Nerine Mechanique hosted & produced an exclusive first of its kind brunch on The Upper Floor.  This event will bring both new & familiar faces to the Upper Floor as 'syndicate of sin' gathers to share its lifestyle of perversion & debauchery.  

The Training Of O: The Training Of Devaun, Day One!

Tie her up & vibrate her hot little cunt till she is screaming for release & allow her to come under single tail whip.  Bind her tightly to saw horse & probe her tight asshole with an anal hook.  Fuck her face to test her sex stick sucking abilities, & fuck her hole in few positions to determine how she reacts to being penetrated, feel of her muff, & rate her general sexual prowess.   Assign homework, curfew & film journal & deliver to her quarters where she will stay under our control for duration of her training.  

Missogyny 5!

Guess whos back? Sophie Elly, Sasha Knox, & Misti Dawn have been begging their Mistress Crash for more attention.  If you thought their previous sessions were hot, dont waste any More time & watch their second round of bdsm fun.  Crash definitely raises bar & pushes their limits & endurance.  Watch to see if they can last for third visit.  

Fifty Shades Of Bizarre!

The legendary Bizarre clip label is getting new juice from abroad these days.  This release is pure Euro-kink, shot in Budapest, with prime Hungarian talentthree of hottest Europorn queens of last few years.  These girls have made their decision.  They have succumbed to demands & desires of boy they love.  They enjoy submissive sexual pleasures, going where Ana only dreamed about however would never dare to venture.  

Missogyny 3!

red stripe spanking

We put together pretty gift for your worshiped Mistress Crash: Four innocent suicide girls that love serving BDSM Queen.  Sarah Shevon begs for electro-play, willing to do anything for it.  Misti Dawn hopes her Mistress gives her round of melon slapping & plenty of clothespins.  We also left Krysta Khaos & Ladie Lane waiting in Crashs cage.  We wonder what shell think of for them.  Theyre all quite lucky to have such ravenous Mistress, all presented for you to enjoy.

Maledom 4!

punished spanking

French Perversion: She loved feeling of being helpless & vulnerable.  She loved having her body manipulated by her Master.   Leileyn continues her lessons with Master Eric X.  We all saw transition from pouty to petulant & only under strict guidance of Master has Leileyn been able to move forward.  The Taming of Ten: 'Are those instructions clear?', Master asked, speaking slowly & articulating ever word.  Ten did hear him, & nodded her response.  She had long lession in pleasure & torment ahead of her! Has Cheri answered back once to often? Does she do it just for attention, or more specifically for attention of her Master.  When asked repeatedly why she is there, she smirks & replies 'I don not know'.  Her eye's close slightly as her body absorbs impact of Master's flogger.  The pure joy & ecstasy displayed clearly on her face.  She will do whatever it takes to be brought to another mind blowing orgasm.  When lovely Jade goes for her first Salsa lesson, she swears she knows her instructor.  She questions him repeatedly, to no avail.  Unconvinced, Jade confronts him with his true identity, 'I know your Simon Blackthorne'.  The statement is followed almost immediately with her attempting to seduce now furious dance instructor.  The truth of matter is, she is correct.  Master Blackthorne, unhappy with being exposed, decides that Jade needs to learn lesson in politeness & respect, & so punishment begins.


spanking punishments

Your beloved Mistress Crash has found three eager vixens that gleefully submit to her dominance.  Krysta Khaos describes herself as monster slut who enjoys discomfort, which is very tempting quality for Missogyny.  Sophia Elly was sent for discipline & pet training.  Cherry Torn snuck in & presented herself for same masterdom.  View these suicide girls endure true BDSM from their talented & deviant Mistress.

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