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Mother Daughter Spa Day - Annika Albrite & Lizz Taylor & Lyla Storm & Tanya Tate!

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We here at AGM are proud to present this special edition Member Fantasy inspired by one of our most popular submissions to date.  This 1-st time ever foursome for All girl Massage is sure to please.

Tanya & Anikka drive up to Sapphic Bliss spa for Mother's Day.  Lyla & Lizz have been waiting for them all morning for their arrival.  Tanya was sneaky & made sure they would have whole spa to themselves today.  Annika proves to be shy, uninterested in bathing naked with her mother, she averts her eyes.  As sensual massage progresses, we see expert masseuses become progressively excited by their clients.  The spa isn not called Sapphic Bliss for nothing.  

BTS-Mother Daughter Spa Day - Annika Albrite & Lizz Taylor & Lyla Storm & Tanya Tate!

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Behind scenes of Mother Daughter Spa Day with super models

The tonge Massage - Sadie Santana & Kendall White!

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Kendall White works in 'customer service', or at least thats all she is willing to tell her masseuse Sadie Santana when they first meet.  Kendall has always had issues with shyness when encountering people for first time, so whole experience of getting massage was something she thought would feel awkward.  Thats why she waited so long to book her appointment.  She was thrilled when she finally found day spa that only serviced she clients & once she got settled in under magic fingers of her exotic therapist, tension & apprehension began to fade quickly.  Sadie, asks her to close her eyes & when she least expects it, lands soft wet french kiss right on her mouth as method of providing tongue massage! From that point on, Kendall would have let Ms.  Santana do just about anything she wanted with that perfect naked body of hers!

In-appartment Rubdown - Lola Foxx & Soverign Syre!

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Exhausted & frustrated, Lola Lawyer needs relaxing massage to decompress from day.  She orders room service to send up masseuse to rub her frustrations free.  She get's into her robe, to wait.  The Masseuse shows up & get's to work.  She gives Lola some ideas to keep her from getting so stressed out.  Soon though, we realize masseuse has ulterior motives.  The masseuse tests Lola to see how she'd feel about having her oven massaged.  Lola is ready for just about anything, & you know she's ready for masseuse when she starts to massage her own boobs.  Wait till you see how Lola get's into massage next...  you might have surprise.

The Thai Massage - Mia Lelani & Stevie Shae!

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Stevie's first Thai massage turned out to be what she was hoping for & more.  Mia Lelani knows each & every last body part that holds tension, & clever masseuse knows just how to release that tension.  She expertly manipulates stevie's body in ways its never been manipulated.  See, Ms.  Lelani has secret weapon...  her tongue!

The Receptionist Returns - Aaliyah Love & Dillion Harper & Veronica Avluv!

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From first second Dillon Harper stepped through door, Aaliyah Love was infatuated.  Aaliyah being sassy receptionist she is, makes no apologies for her behavior.  Dillon is nervous when Aaliyah starts peeling off her clothes, especially since she decided to go commando today! You can practically smell Aaliyah getting hornier every second.  Experienced Veronica Avluv makes Dillon feel at home again with her petty-cop attitude, that is until receptionist returns!

Menage Trois series 1: Britneys Gift - Britney Amber & Cassie Laine & Sara Luv!

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Sara is at pool today & she recognizes Cassie, who is friend friend, & since they don not know each other Sara introduces herself.  Sara is outgoing, & can not apologize for that.  Cassie on other hand is mysterious silent ethereal beauty, reluctant to get too caught up in other people's emotions.  When Sara finds out that Cassie's first time with girl was with Britney, Sara's ex girlfriend, her gears start grinding.  Sara's an expert at game of love, & quickly plots her idea of revenge.  Everything she'll need is right under her nose.  Britney, un-expecting she is surprised to see that Cassie is involved in Sara's gift to her.  All three are walking on eggshells now.  Sara's plan becomes evident as she strips Cassie & get's to work making cuckold of Britney.  Britney's massage finally begins & she get's into this right away, moaning & taking advantage of Cassie's perfect natural breasts.  Time seems to slip away as three fall together enthralled by passion.  Whats Sara's next move? You'll have to wait until next episode to find out!

G-String Massage - Alyssa Branch & Liv Aguilera!

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Liv Aguilera wants deep tissue massage & Alyssa Branch accommodates her by providing kind of tight thong thongs bottom that many clients prefer, so they can avoid getting oils on their expensive limgerie.  Liv models them in front of mirror to make sure she looks good before letting Alyssa know she is ready for her to reenter hotel room.  That kind of private decision is enough to let astute voyeurs know that Ms.  Aguilera is already contemplating possibility of things becoming sexual very soon.  When Alyssa Branch sneaks lubed finger inside tight cameltoe cloth of those bikini bottoms, Liv Aguilera barely flinches...  because everyone in hotel room knows how desperately she wants it!

What About My Panties? - Aaliyah love & Dillion Harper!

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Dillon was skeptical about this massage business, & this wigged her out to think of having massage without her clothes.  Aaliyah is adamant in ensuring she's professional.  By way Aaliyah catches peeks under Dillon's towel its apparent that she is eager to show Dillon good first time, however will she get Dillon to open up? Aaliyah's extensive knowledge of acupressure points allows her to convince Dillon to let her close...  sex juice see how far she gets!

The New Trainee - Mia Lelani & Stevie Shae & Ariella Ferrera!

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Mia Leilani is getting four hands for price of one today.  The head masseuse at spa is training her new masseuse today.  Mia is returning customer, so she knows exactly what to expect.  The new girl is learning quickly, & Tiffany is experiencing pure bliss with two hot masseuses palming her soft skin, & working it deep & long.  Mia loves every minute.  All is well until head masseuse goes down on Angel to massage her tight crotch with her tongue.  The new lady is taken back in confusion, however it doesn not take long for conspirators to break her.

My Dirty Cousin - Cassie Laine & Bree Daniels!

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Lola's cousin has her nose stuck up in air.  Lola has some serious issues with her galavanting around & drinking, & going to clubs, & leaving her home, to have pillow fights & share secrets with Cassie.  Bree is wild child, & has no problem whatsoever in flaunting her & Lola's age difference.  Not only that, however Lola's very best friend! Cassie admittedly can search Lola's constant complaining about guys & cousins annoying, so when she get's up to take shower too, Lola has nothing to complain about.  Just wait until she finds out what her cousin did! & all after Cassie helped Lola out when she was dumped by her stupid ex-boyfriend.  Lola's dirty cousin has gall to climb into bath with Cassie & rub her down with soap...  & much...  much more.  Yet, Cassie doesn not seem to mind one stinkin' bit!

Boyfriend Problems - Brynn Jay & Mai Ly!

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Nothing helps defeat bf problems like nice deep tissue massage.  Brynn Jay is ready to relax & forget about her masturbate boy-friend that has her seeing red.  Mai Ly knows just cure for boy friend blues & is ready to give Brynn an extra special massage.  Mai's magic fingers work lube deep in to Brynn's tension filled muscles.  Our cameras peek up under Brynn's towel to reveal her delicious pink oven as Mai works her inner thighs.  Once Brynn is relaxed, Mai sneaks few soft feels of her silky smooth clit & comes up with great plan for getting back at at Brynn's insensitive beau.  Watch as Mai slowly works her warm tongue deep into Brynn's pussy.  Mai loves her sweet taste & goes in for more.  Brynn's only request is for Mai to put something inside of her so she can have monster orgasmus to release all her stress.  it is treat to see these two hoties fingering & licking each other until they orgams.

Comfort Of Friend - Lola Foxx & Cassie Laine!

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Lola Foxx's bf just called to break-up with her.  What day! Good thing her friend Cassie is there by her side to help Lola get past that jerk! Cassie has told her time & time again to let go of him & today Cassie has got exactly what she wanted, her friend to be single again.  Lola's pretty tense from phone conversation, & Cassie knows just what doctor ordered, nice calming oily massage! As Lola's tension melts away & she slips into another world & Cassie takes over.  As time passes, Cassie get's naked too, much to Lola's surprise.  Cassie's eager hands find Lola's perky tits & her slick shaved vagina.  Cassie knows exactly how to please Lola, & Lola repays her by granting Cassie her monster wish, several sensual & hot girl on girl action, complete with hole eating in sixty-nine! The two have explosive orgasms with big release of stress & sexual tension! I must see good things coming of this friendship!

Should I Tip? - India Summer & Natasha White!

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Natasha White is new to all girl massage parlor however she finds herself in expert hands with her experienced masseuse India Summers.  Its her first time ever, & she really wants to focus on her inner thigh muscles.  Once she lays back on table, you can tell how much she enjoys sensation of having much older woman rubbing her nubile skin.  It doesn not take long for India to notice silent signals & see its OK to slip few fingers inside Natasha's perfectly shaved snatch.  Since Natasha is so new, she didn not even know how to return favor, however India take time to teach Ms.  White how she can work her tonge through tan-lines to find bi-curious orgasmic gold, deep in her lovely pussy!

The Mayans Were Wrong - Laura Brookes & Alexis Veracuz!

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Laura Brookes was bit worried about Mayan calendar coming to an end because she realized all things she has never experienced.  Lucky for her, she get's to cross two items off list by time her first ever massage with Vanessa Veracruz is over.  Laura is open to new experiences & allows Vanessa free reign over her body.  She quickly spreads her legs wide offering you close up views of her tiny pink pussy.  Vanessa clearly get's turned on by it as she get's teasingly close however not yet venturing to touch.  She makes her first move by lightly kissing & tonguing Laura's sweet lips before disrobing before her.  Laura is so cute Nikki can not keep her hands off.  They make out softly with plenty of sensual tonguing before Helen moves slowly down, teasing Laura's nipples before taking her clit fully into her mouth.  Both babe begin to moan & breathe deeply, enjoying all their bodies have to offer each other until they cum as they 69.

Too Much Tanning Oil - Chloe Foster & Sarah Luv!

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Chloe Foster & Sarah Luv take lot of pride in their gorgeous sun kissed bodies & every chance to get out in sun is top priority for them both.  Chloe is shy, there's no two ways about this...  She is self conscious when it comes to nudity & when Sarah whips out her chest & oils them up, Chloe is embarrassed.  however today all that changes.  

Sarah heckles Chloe into laying down so she can rub some of stress out of crazy woman.  Chloe, still tense, allows Sarah to peel her clothes off.  Once Sarah got's glimpse of Chloe's perfect behind she can not resist pouring more oil over juicy rear.  Chloe gradually gives way, relaxing more with all minute.  Sarah makes sure to put oil everywhere, including Chloe's soft crotch.  Chloe is caught off guard, however easily gives Sarah permission to keep up rubbing.  As Chloe flips onto her back she exposes her pretty breasts to Sarah who doesn not hesitate to rub oil over them too.  Sarah is getting hornier as she guides Chloe's hand to her breasts.  Finally, Chloe releases all her tensions & inhibitions with Sarah & they begin to kiss.  Sarah throws herself between Chloe's legs & continues massage with her tongue on Chloe's sweet shaved oven.  Chloe reciprocates, giving Sarah pussy massage with her succulent warm mouth.  They finish on high note in sixty-nine, reaching orgasm together screaming in to fresh sunny afternoon.  They wash off in pool in sensual embrace.

A Little Extra Time - Cindy Cruz & Nina Elle!

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Cindy Cruz was supposed to see Michelle today, however Michelle had to cancel appointment.  Fortunately for Cindy there was world class substitute masseuse available.  Nina Elle has hands capable of working kinks out of even most sore or shy female clients.  Michelle may have been therapist that Cindy was expecting, however sometimes when life offers you an unexpected twist it can be big blessing.  Nobody has softer, wetter More caring tongue than Nina, & it turns out to be tremendous stroke of luck that Ms.  Cruz got chance to ride it just because her usual masseuse wasn not available.  the lesson to be learned is sometimes its best to go with flow, especially if you are lesbian at high class All women Massage parlor!

My Friends Masseuse - Kortney Kane & Alyssa Branch!

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Alyssa Branch was out jogging with one of her gfs & they started chatting about neck & back pain she was having.  Thats when her gal pal turned her on to Korney Kane, her friend's masseuse.  At 1st Alyssa wasn not sure it would help however eventually she agree to give this try with an open mind.  She made her appointment & showed up that weekend, greeted by very professional Ms.  Kane for intake survey.  than she got naked under bright pink towel, & Alyssa has never been shy about her body so she left her lingerie on floor.  It didn not take much time at all for Kortney to find Alyssa's sweet spot, leaning down to kiss her gently on lips before caressing her belly & working her fingers beneath that pink towel to expose tight 18 years old pussy.  Notice fact that Alyssa isn not even shaved, because she wasn not expecting anything like this to happen.  Thats power of fantastic masseuse giving world class All Girl Massage!

Masseuse In Training - Alison Tyler & Sarah Luv!

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Sarah is just finishing her shower one day when phone rings.  Her best gal pal Chloe has called with gift for her -- free massage from Alison, friend who is finishing her massage therapy training.  Eager to work out her sore muscles, Sarah agrees & invites Alison over right away.   After friendly introduction, Alison sets up her training table & hot stone kit & leaves room to let Sarah strip off her sheer white panties.  Alison tries to remain professional however cannot help however be intrigued by Sarah's tiny fit body.  As massage progresses, she inches her fingers up towards Sarah's sensitive backside & uses heat of stones to lull her client into sensually relaxed state.  Turning Sarah over, she boldly lays stones down on unsuspecting sex kitten's front, letting radiating heat wash over her puffy nipples & delectable oven.  then, one by one, she removes & stimulates those areas using her fingers & stone, now slick from oil & Sarah's oven juices.  After bringing her client to surprising & explosive climax, Alison removes her own outfit to reveal pair of luscious melons waiting to be sucked & grabbed by now pussy-hungry Sarah.  Enjoy watching this perfect pair lick & making blowjob each other to unbelievable orgasms in video clip directly inspired by one of our member's personal fantasies!

Magnifique Massage - Romi Rain & Shana Lane!

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Shana Lane is visiting from Canada & she's come to Romi Rain for her 1 st American massage.  Romi comes highly recommended & to set mood, she leads swee Shana to shower.  Watch as Shans shows off her beautiful body as she get's nice & clean for manifique massage that Romi is about to give her.  Romi joins her in shower, so be sure to take in her amazing full back tattoo & her huge, soapy breasts.  As two ladies lather up, it becomes apparent where this sensual massage is leading.  Romi soaps up Shana's hot back, licking it softly as she goes.  She easily get's Shana's nipples hard, caressing them & turning her on.  On massage table, Romi dishes out compliments as she spreads Shana's legs, giving you an amazing view of her sweet cunt.  Romi wastes no time as she gently begins caressing Shana's hole & nipples before going in for first mackin'.  Watch as two ladies enjoy every inch of one another, licking their clams until they love lube with orgasmic pleasure.

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