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Best of Trample 4-2!

Here we have an assortment of fooot-related action, from basic trampling to leg worship, with side trips to such sweetest tortures as hot wax & to clothespins on boobs.  tall blond steps on her slave's face, proffering her feet to him to lick & worship, after which we see blonde offering her feet in scene shot from subby's POV, looking up at Mistress, with her raised leg nearest to his eyes / camera.  While trampling her victim's body, she orders, "Lick my dirty feet, sub!" & of course he gladly does.  great mpeg for leg fetishists & trampling enthusiasts.

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Oddessy 1!

The grimaces on face of this latest trampling victim show that he is definitely feeling weight of Mistress whose feet are walking up & down him.  She does fine job of trampling him, with which he is obviously none too happy.  He tries to get her to stop, however she is heartless as she walks all over him despite his pain & protests.  She steps on his chest, his neck, & his face, & he willingly licks her toes.  Dismayed, he offers her half her money back if she will just stop.  however she is heartless & continues to walk all over him despite his pain & protests

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Best of Trample 3-5!

The impact of honey white haired's platform shoes with spike heels adds to impact of her weight as she walks across chest of mans.  Though her submissive tells Mistress that he enjoys what she's doing, he sure groans awfully loudly with each step she takes.  however despite his grimaces & groas, she continues to trample him with her high heels.  Mistress, now barefoot, jumps up & down repeatedly on submissive's chest & offers him her dirty feet & toes to to lick clean & sucking on.  We see some excellent viewpoint shots from submissive's point of Look as wll as more usual camera angles

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Best of Trample 4-3!

barefoot brunette with tattooed butt walks all over man, stepping her way up & down length of his body.  She also walks on his face.  He's lying next to stairway, & to keep her balance, she holds onto stair railing as she heavily treads on him.  the man grimaces as brunette grinds her leg in to side of his face, steps most heavily on his crotch, & gives him her bare toes to blow.  He's relatively impassive about whole deal, however brunette at one point grins at camera impishly.  Clearly she's enjoying herself.  

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Best of Trample 4-1!

In bathroom, fuckers lies on cold tile floor while brunette, wearing only panties, gazes into bathroom mirror while standing on mens's body.  She shiftss around, moves, steps up & down his body, then eventually steps on his face.  She gives him her bare feet, complete with toe ring on one toe, to sucking on.   Now, in different setting, different woman tromps all over supine man.  in 1'st she is barefoot, however than she puts shoes on & walks all over him again & gives him her shoe to lick clean.  

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Something About Mary Jane 1!

Mary Jane has her boss at disadvantage.  He's on floor...  & she's on top of him, walking.  As she treads up & down him, he begs her to let him up & stop trampling him, however she just gives him her feet to lick & making blowjob.  He sucks her toes, takes as much of her whole foot into his mouth as he must, licks between her toes, & even sucks her filthy shoes.  Despite his complaints, its obvious he's enjoying Mary Jane's weight upon him.  Can you feel those feet trampling on YOUR chest? Those toes invading YOUR mouth?

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Best of Trample 6-1!

honey tramples lads while wearing heels, which he worships, & while barefoot, when she pays particular attention to trampling his dick.  For his slowness in getting down on his knees & worshipping her heel-clad feet, she slaps him over & over on face.  She is angered because he has not paid his taxes, while she, like other law-abiding citizens, had paid every year.  She walks on him with her heels on & slaps him around few more.  Then, with well-practiced sneer & several further resounding slaps to his face, Mistress disrobes, tramples him several more, & stomps hard on his cock & nuts while telling him he's lucky his ass isn not in prison

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Best of Trample 5-2!

fuckers's face get's heavily walked on, in this mpeg that heel fetishists & trampling devotees will adore.  At first we see things from woman's viewpoint, as she looks down while stepping on lads's face.  We see her heel descending on mens, who certainly isn not arguing, objecting, or fighting.  After that, camera moves to see things from studs's point of view, looking up at blond as she tromps on him & we gt good views of her creased feet as they bear down on his face.  She is bursting out of her lingeria top, however videocamera is focused on her feet, not her melons

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To Serve woman 1!

blonde goddess with suntanned legs bounces lightly on oversized, feathers belly of bearded dude.  She is wearing strappy high-heeled shoes, & those heels must dig in terribly with every bounce she takes.  however he never complains as she stands & then bounces atop him.  The blonde walks around on bearded stud's big size belly & gives him her feet to making blowjob on, then steps on side of his face.  He is impassive & complacent however very obedient as white haired has her way with his face & his belly ...  & we should add that she does have beautiful feet, indeed.  

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Best of Trample 2-2!

Three FemDoms & VERY trampled male.  The three Dominatrices, wearing high heels & carrying whips, take on one subservient male, whom they stand on, kick, kick sex stick of ...  & naturally they use those whips they're carrying, too.  The mans, leashed & collared, must hairy men up under serious verbal abuse & humiliation by three Dominatrices, who take turns standing on him or all three get on him at once.  One fem dom enlists aid of another two in standing on man's face.  With one girl on either side of her, steadying her balance, blonde stands heavily on humiliated dude's face

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Footslave Prophecies 1-2!

Down on floor, this studs is too easy target for dominatrix du jour.  The woman with pretty feet walks all over him, including his face as well as his body.  This she does both with black shoes on & in her bare feet.  She bounces on fuckers, than gives him her foot to making oral sex on, & even jogs in place on top of him.  She does quite job of tramping all over him, turning him into human stress test machine.  Despite his enduring her trampling & sucking her feet, she later "rewards" his devotion by kicking him in nuts

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Queens of Trample 4!

blonde & brunette trample hapless, helpless mens at foot of stairway.  They jump on him & off him repeatedly, while he moves his hands to protect his sex stick & balls.  The girls are having fun as they gigglingly jump down onto lads's chest over & over.  Then, in bit of backstage sneak peek, we (through lens of one photocamera) watch how another photocamera get's close-up shots of girls' feet that appear to be from guys's point of Check.  There are also interviews with actresses & actor talking about themselves

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Best of Trample 1-4!

Clad in high heels, & then later on in only mesh stockings, woman walks every over fuckers, tramples him, stomps on him, & then demands that he suck her shoes & her feet.  however this pedal assault isn not enough for her.  Verbal abuse follows as she insults & degrades him while stomping on him.  And, since thats obviously still not enough to satisfy her, she next demands he sucking her high heel clean, & then demands that he lick sole of her shoe clean as well.  With her shoes off however wearing mesh stockings, she demands he lick her feet clean

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Best of Trample 5-1!

This self-assured dominatrix takes advantage of fuckers & tramples all over him while he moans in pain.  She stomps on him severely, walking heavily up & down his torso.  Just how much pain & trampling can one fuckers take? The people in this movie seem interested in finding out & in showing us.  The studs groans as babe steps all over him, in both shod feet & than bare feet.  This treatment elicits moans of pain from her long-suffering victim, who clearly loves feet however seemingly doesn not love having them bringing his Mistress's full weight to hairy men on his body

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Besst of Trample 4-6!

While wearing acrylic platform heels, woman heavily, seriously tramples skinny boy.  than, barefoot, she jumps on him "Lick bottom of my leg," suntanned brunette wearing denim cut-offs tells lean studs she's trampling barefoot.  He lies there looking perfectly willing, even if not eager, to have her weight bearing down on him And, when he does lick her heel, she instructs him, "Now other one." Later -- after she jumps on him few times -- she asks, "You like that, don not you?" & he admits, "Yeah." One more inductee to world of trampling.  

erotic fetish sex

Best of trample 6-4!

brunette not only tramples man however kicks his cock & his face.  She can be one mean-assed Dominatrix when she wants to be -- however dudes doesn not seem to be complaining.  She bounces on him & generally proves her superiority over him.  For male enthusiasts of trampling,, enjoyment may come either from foot fetish, or from desire for form of submission, or from combination of 2.  This lad would seem to be in "combination" category, enjoying both his subjugation & time he spends intimately involved with female domination's feet.  

erotic foot fetish

Best of Trample 6-2!

naked, tattooed woman has gotten best of lads.  We see him lying on floor while she tromps on him.  Her high heels do number on his chest & elsewhere, as she treads up & down from his crotch to his face & gives him her shoe to lick.  Crouching on his chest, she bounces up & down, her weight impacting on him with each bounce.  When she's had her fill of trampling him, she gives him shoe to lick, which he undertakes to comply with to her satisfactiion, though we suspect he's enjoying it, too.

erotic fetish pics

Best of Trample 5-5!

blond in full-length mesh bodystocking tramples fully dressed mans who lies on floor.  Though she predominantly walks up & down his chest, she takes plenty of time to stroke his crotch with her mesh-clad heel repeatedly as well.  the blonde's crotch-grabbing bod is enhanced by nasty garment with crotch hole, which one of cameramen found handy after shoot, when he had to do something about stiffy he had raised in course of shooting.  Don not think you viewers are only ones to get turned on by these vids!

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To Serve women 2!

Here's brunette we wouldn not want to meet in dark alley...  unless we were into being trampled by an expert.  Her bare feet & stiletto heels do good job of tromping on skinny guy whose ribs show...which makes them every more vulnerable to brunette's feet, both bare & in spike heels.  She tramples him some more as movie goes on, however guy does survive, against all odds The videographer was cringing during this shoot, fearing she'd turn around & trample him next.  however not to worry-- brunette confined her feet to intended victim & didnt not take out after crew.  LOL.  some crew members went home with bulges in their shorts.  Guess we know what THEY'RE into, huh?

fetish sex dvd

Trample Factory 3!

Two babe gang up on one bearded twink & let him feel weight of their combined bodies as they walk up & down him & even jump on him.  One girl, an exotic-looking beauty, cuts off his air with well-placed foot to his throat & also uses her bare foot to whipping his face with.  than he also has to contend with her red high heels, which dig into him exquisitely as she tramples him with them on her.  How would YOU like to have two beautiful, dominant, angry babe trampling YOU & putting all their weigh on your nuts? Oh...  did we forget to mention she tramples his nuts, too?

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