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India Summer!

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Michaela Mancini at
I needed help moving few furniture.  I was built for sucking & fucking black cock however not for manual labor so I called up Ice Cold & Charlie Mac, two movers to help out.  I was expecting some fat, lazy white mans to show up however was suprised when 2 black guy showed up.  The bill to move was $400 which was out my my range however I knew these lads were Cougar lovers & I exploited this.  I wanted to send them home empty handed however not before they emptied their large black testicles of all thier jism.  Once I get naked & showed them my naked mature body, they forgot all about business & went right for pleasure.  The only moving today was me moving up & down their black cocks & gagging on their meat sticks.  I never got my furniture moved out however didn not want it anymore since my sofa (and myself )got sprayed by giant cumshots.  Mmmmmm, it was amazing!
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Ginger Lynn at
Good things do happen to good little white cougars.  I was out & about when I came across this handsome black fellow in need of auto assistance.  I needed some making my white vagina gape as wide as possible.  My initial advances made him nervous however power of white cunt is too hard to overcome.  Once at my place he eased up bit one time I got naked & started playing with monsterous snake in his pants.  Inch after inch kept coming out & I thought it would never end.  Relaxing my jaw muscles made it easier for me to take his 3rd leg down my throat.  I would have passed out if I wasn not able to breathe through my nose & his biggest black male genitalia made it all way down into my stomach.  The last thing on my mind was sticking that thing anywhere near my ass however mood was perfekt for him to slide it in as far as possible without me being ripped in half.  My heart was pounding, my face was sweating, & my pussy was aching & my hind end was gaped as he fucked me for what seemed an eternity.  His ride was here so getting his milky white goo all over my face was next on menu.  I still can not believe I took all of his black inches & can not wait to get few more interacial fuck buddies.  
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Keira Kensley!

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Kylie Worthy at
I am so shy & embarrassed to be walking outside looking like little Cougar slut.  I mean, younger girls do it & they seem to attract black penises 24/7 so its gotta work for cougar like me, right? I prowled near hospital & encountered two young black lad once of whom was still wearing his scrubs.  With my hugest boobs busting out of its bra I knew it wouldn not take me long to get them back home & make their day one to remember.  I got them nice & ready by having them feel up my tits which always get young fellas going! Once I knew I had hard black baby-maker ready I swallowed them both until my neck nearly snapped back.  I couldn not believe they were treating me this way & I was loving every second...and inch of it.  I was getting drenched from sweating so much however it was an interracial porno workout that I was in dire need of & my pussy also felt affects.  
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Rae Rodgers / Sky Rodgers!

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Harley Raines at
I've had all kinds of love stick of every sizes & races.  I am done with those who can not keep it hard for me except for teen black studs who I can not get enough of.  I prowl clubs, basketball games, & anyplace else where teen black lad frequent.  I'll take one home, fuck his brains out, & give him cab fare home & do it all over again next night.  Today, I am given big treat (emphasis on 'big') by having 3 of dangerous black penises around.  I almost lost my mind as I was presented nearly 4 feet of raging hard black dick for my enjoyment.  They wasted no time in playing with my big size melons which I paid for with money of loser white fellas who I never fucked.  Just see at how my eyes rolled in back of my head as I went balls deep on buffet of black meat.  Was my vagina pounded until it was sore? You better believe it.  This is one interracial sex encounter I won not forget since I came so many times I lost count.  I didnt not have to wait long for nice dose of creamy interracial cum shot bombs that my face & monster tits graciously accepted.  Why did I only fuck cherry black men? White studs could never give this Cougar filthy fucking love these black studs did.  
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Teri Weigel!

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Adrianna Nicole at
I can not believe that I came across these two black thugs spray painting property that my husband worked so hard to get.  Ice Cold & Derek were two cherry punks that thought they could get away with this crime however I wasn not having it.  Once I confronted them they were more interested in staring at my large its & undressing me with their eyes than explaining why they were fucking with my shit.  I got them to my place to avoid public confrontation when I got bit horny & naughty & wanted to see if this was true about what they say about ebony men.  Add to fact that these ebony lads were fresh meat pieces of meat & my mood went from mad to dripping wet horny.  I forgot what mad me so mad in first point when I was given over 2 feet of not small black love stick to slurp down.  My naked ass didn not wanna to be ignored & I nearly passed out when that fat black penis made its way in my back for some steamy interracial anal pron.  I haven not been fucked this, well since my high schol days & these black rods did trick.  
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Bobbi Lennox!

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Velicity Von at
While my husband's away black dick slut will play.  My limp husband is away on business so he put me in charge of new help who were in middle of doing some construction.  Since my husband is more concerned with finding remote than my clit I figured why not abuse few power? I noticed Wesley & Byron not wearing required safety equipment so I brought them over to give them tongue lashing...or so they thought.  Those nervous black studs quickly became hard once they realized I was more concerned with their rods & not any stupid safety violations.  After all, my husband would get sued if they were hurt ,not me! I always heard that black mens never get soft & must fill any hole until there's no more meat to stick in.  After slobbering all over those huggest black shafts it was time to take one in my pussy & one in my ex-tight ass-hole.  Those worked me over like piston of black staff of life as my fat milk jugs couldn not stay in place.  If my husband only knew that white slut at home was finally getting fucked right than he'd kill us every.  After tossing me all over room & pumping me full of 2 feet of black little soldier it was time to drain those hot rocks so they could get back to work.  Good help is hard to find however hard black help is great to have!
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Nicole Moore!

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Nina Hartley at
I am pron porno star Nina Hartley & I am no stranger to making dirty, filthy interacial porno clips.  I've fucked ton of black guys in many interracial xxx vidz however today I got teen one with love stick I wasn not sure would fit in me.  His name is Ice Cold & his black phallic is so huge it could be his third leg or even belt.  I wanted to make sure I would get ample time to slide it in my mouth hoping it would go past my tonsils however my gag reflex kicked in.  Damn! I was so happy that he was hard moment he dropped his pants which is nice change of pace since my white male co-stars are as limp as noodle & as wide as one, too.  My white vagina got wetter & wetter as I sucked him so riding his hugest penis was given.  He tossed me all around that sofa & shot 2 foot cumshot which was as thick as tidal wave.  I knew Cougars like me love lots of lava however this was insane!
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Debbie Dial!

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Cameron V at
If only my students knew that I strip to make ends meet! some of younger girls in this club are jealous that all young fellas pay me most attention especially black customers who love my big back.  Today I gave extra attention to these 2 young black studs who came in to drop some dollars on me.  I couldn not wait to took them back to my place so I could drop on my knees & see if myth about large black dicks was true & believe is! They took liberties with me & I wanted more, more,more! I couldn not believe I gathered courage to risk getting in trouble in order to satisfy my black cock needs however my soaking wet clam told me I made right choice.  They take turns making my pussy become beet red & stuffing my mouth until I nearly passed out.  Believe me when I tell you that I normally don not take customers home however their thick, creamy loads have made me rethink that rule.  
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Dana Hayes!

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Stephanie Wylde at
When you're white Cougar who has real boobs as biggest as mine & ass for days than getting black stud & thier big black rods isn not difficult at all.  The older I get more I fully appreciate stamina young black studs have since white boys run out of gas within seconds.  Before I dined on three black rods I wanted to prepare myself for onslaught by fucking myself silly with adult toy just to make sure my hole could welcome all that black goodness.  Take good hard look at three ghetto thugs that are about to rip me apart & you get pic as to why my white oven is now only warm garage for stiff black penis.  Shorty Mac, Ice Cold, & Justin Long each take turns making me worship their monster black cocks & I could tell I am not first cougar they've taken to black and white sex limit.  Hopefully they'll be back for more & judging by big cumshots (which nearly caused me whiplash), they will be.  
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Alexis Golden!

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Joclyn Stone at
Whats better than one fresh black penis? Two big size black cocks, as you guessed, are all raunchy cougar like me needs to keep happy.  I was on prowl for black penis when I came across these two black stallions which got my vagina soaking wet at first glance.  I've had interacial pron on brain all my life & now I was going to act on it.  I took these two black studs to my pad & smiled from ear to ear once I got glimpse at dicks these two brothas were packing.  I was sucking one & another was taking liberties with my tight with cunt.  Their cocks were so not small that I thought they would touch as I had my mouth & clam filled at same time.  I got 2 nice & thick black bombs sprayed on me & my daily black love stick quota was met...two times over!
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Julia Ann at
Hi guys.  My name is Julia Ann & you might recognize me from my time in xxx however its always been dealing with flacid white boys.  Today I am going to counsel heart-broken Justin Long however I have something else in mind.  Basically, my seasoned white clam has alwyas been dealt white mens who either bust too early or can not get enough blood flowing down there.  I knew for moment I met Justin in my office that I wouldn not have any of those problems.  He seemed nervous in our initial encounter however he soon relaxed when he realized that I was going to have his fat black love stick & my tight wet cunt meet.  My eyes couldn not believe what they saw once Justin's black anaconda was unleashed from his pants & at that moment I knew my mouth & vagina would never be same.  I wrapped my lips around his cock ( which is as wide as my arm) & my cunt would not be denied this day.  He had me ride that fat thick black pole & echoes of his balls slapping my ass could be heard in offices all around us.  I had to see for myself if black eruption tasted differently & it did! He blasted me with his black hose & I couldn not have been happier.  Well, I would have been happier if he brought some black buddies along with him however I'll take what I can get.....  fresh black meat.  
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Flower Tucci!

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Kitty Caulfield at
I hit books hard when I am not getting slammed by hard, big black banana.  I was given task of doing on field research on black stud & I couldn not wait to do some hands on research.  I went to bad part of town & came across 2 healthy looking young black gentlemen while I used my nearly exposed, big melons in my revealing outfit to lure them in.  My heart was racing as I undressed them with my eyes & knew that I was moments away from having an interacial fuck romp.  We got back to my pad & my interest in studying went south much like I did on their monster black cocks.  They couldn not believe what was going on & I couldn not believe my clam was able to take in all that lizard which hit my cervix & nearly ripped me in half.  The mature I get more I appreciate black dick & was so grateful for yummy interacial cumshots they both supplied me.  
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Taylor Wayne!

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Mandy Sweet at
Mandy is getting pissed, her ride is late again, & she is tired of waiting out in hot sun to get picked up.  Just than, Flash walks by, & as he is checking her out, he doesn not see crack in sidewalk that he trips over, & goes crashing to ground.  Mandy has medical knowledge, & volunteers her skills to see if anything is damaged.  Seems like sprained ankle, so she offers to take him back to her nearby house, & ice it down.  Once she get's him inside, she starts getting other ideas of what else she can do with this big black mans, & uses her wiley cougar skills to blow him in...literally! She convinces him that best way to take swelling down is to draw blood to another part of body, & his ample third leg should easily do trick.  once she sucks him hard, there is no turning back, so she moves on to getting something for her troubles from this hugest black bounty.  She lets her wet clam feast on this throbbing ebony pole just like her mouth did, & after its satisfied, she goes back to her knees to finish him off in her hungry mouth!
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Zoe Holloway!

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Janet Mason at
Call me hopeless romantic however nothing get's my hole wetter than engaging in few hot public displays of affection.  Toss in fact that my lips meet those of ripe fresh black lad & its an invitation for party in my pussy that only black dick need R.S.V.P.  Years of searching for hugest & meatiest black penis has brought me to Flash Brown & black baby elephants trunk he has under his basketball shorts.  We took our party indoors as not to offend my redneck neighbors or police.  Once inside I gave him private showing of every inch of my body including biggest milk chesticles on my chest which had him hypnotized.  After he payed homage his White Queen then we would take it up notch & that meant relaxing my jaw to take in his black dick.  After all, most of my experience has been with tiny white guys whose cocks were as wide as straw so today's fun was bit of challenge.  After getting him nice & rock hard it was time to see how far I could fit him into my dripping wet snatch.  I am slowly becoming an expert in interacial pron since I took him from tip of his jackhammer all way to base of his love stick.  His big black dick parted my sweet honey lips & entire time it felt as if I was giving birth to black cock & enjoyment was off scale! I could tell by look in his face that he was holding back some creamy love cream sauce for mommy & he didnt not disappoint when it came time to glaze my face.  
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Isabella Rossa!

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Melissa Monet at
It was my wedding anniversary however I had dilemma.  What would I get fuckers who has everything? Well, my dirty little mind told me about time he told me he would love to see me get fucked by black fuckers.  He said it too briefly that I didn not think much of it.  However, thats exactly whats going to happen.  I got Rico Strong's number from gf & called him over so we could make home movie for my hubby.  I was overtaken by nerves however eased in little when Rico's big black rod came out for momma.  I sucked & sucked that big black cock as recording light flashed.  My hole couldn not help however get soaked as I knew my mens would be beating off to this film when he was off on business.  My wedding ring was inches from my cunt as Rico slid his anaconda deep inside me hitting areas that my husband never can.  I screamed & pleased for Rico to slam fuck me until my eyes rolled in my head.  Feeling every inch of that black cock made me regret never having interracial porno before so I'd ride this black train until wheels fell off.  Rico's fat balls kept slapping against my aching vagina & I gave him watch telling him this was ok to paint my face with his ghetto gravy.  I hope Mr.  Monet loves watching this homemade interracial sleaze as much as I did making it
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Eva Karera!

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Jessie Fontana at
In all my years picking up black mens I've learned that best spot is liquor store.  I was watching Rico Strong inside store & imagined what this would be like to slide down his big,black pole.  Once outside I laid on few heavy duty flirting until he had no choice however to follow me back home.  I could see in his eyes that he was weary about me however that soon disappeared once I was on my knees & choking on his gigantic black rod.  I was in heaven as I slowly became dehydrated since all my saliva ended up on Rico's monster trouser snake.  We took things to new level of sickness when he put each inch inside my gaping hole until I nearly passed out.  The sounds of his sex stick slamming against my white pussy bounced off all walls & I was getting wetter by second.  I was starting to sweat profusely as Rico took liberties with my tight hole & my clam was getting beat into submission.  Each pump of his black dick made me glad to be whore for interracial porn.  Rico pulverized me until I couldn not take it anymore & was more than happy to accept his cannon blast of black gravy.  
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Karen Fisher!

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Sienna West at
bad credit score isn not enough to deter Sienna West from getting filled with huggest, black cock.  Rico's starving student that needs place of his own to hit books in.  Sienna West is hesitant to rent to someone without an established credit score however something must definitely get bartered.  Sienna willingly forgoes normal legal bullshit & takes Rico back to her place for few anal loving.  After all, boobs popping from her tight shirt tells us that she's excellent whorish milf.  Sienna get's to her knees & rubs Rico's jeans until bulge in his pants tells her that he's ready to make her gag on his black saber.  Luckily Sienna can breathe through her nose since Rico's black dick leaves absolutely no room for oxygen in her mouth.  The next step in Sienna West' abuse of power comes when her soaked vagina swallows Rico's entire black bazooka until his balls are nestled against her clit.  Sienna's topnotch melons quake with each thrust of his pelvis against hers.  The cream coming from her clam drips into her ass which makes for perfekt lube.  Rico's gigantic black cock nearly splits his future landlord's ass in half as he goes balls deep.  Sienna's screams nearly alert her other tenants as Rico's third leg nearly collapses her colon.  Rico's security deposit comes in form of an ass cream pie that shoots out love geyser.  Sienna's ruptured rectum is small price to pay for tenant that can give her miles of black cock over term of lease.  
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Sara Jay!

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Brooke Tyler in
I've taken job at medical dispensary since my loser husband can not make ends meet.  I get to meet variety of interesting patients suffering from various afflictions.  This buff & young black fellow came into store & he was complete mess.  I could have sold him wide range of plants however my yearning, white cunt had other ideas.  I took Rico home with me & laid on some heavy duty flirting to black dudes in dire need of help.  He loosened up when I felt him up & his worries disappeared as soon as I started licking up & down his huggest, black shaft.  I paid attention to head of his big, black penis & made ample use of my lunch hour.  Rico couldn not help however play with my 44D tits & it was nice to have real mens palm them like basketball.  I just had to feel that gigantic pole split me apart so I rode that black bull.  It felt love an eternity as each inch of his black dick made its way into my neglected clam.  I was already in heaven when I realized there was about 6 more inches left of him to penetrate me with.  I always wanted interracial sex to enter my mundane life & Rico's cock made up for lost time.  I bent over & he rammed me with monster in his pants until my own sweat was blinding me.  My blonde hair kept getting into my eyes as his black bazooka did its damage to my pussy.  Every inch of black cock made me consider divorcing that waste of space paperboy refers to as 'Mr.  Tyler.' I was enjoying every inch of Rico however soon realized store was vacant.  I stroked & sucked Rico until he shot his creamy goodness all over my face.  I had no makeup with me so next customer coming in is going to see remnants of black sex juice all over my face.  
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Erica Lauren!

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Angela Attison at
It looks as if current recession is about to claim another victim.  Jack Napier is in boss' housewife's office & his violation of company policy is about to see him on chopping block.  Angela Attison is bearer of bad news, however her inner whore is about to shine through.  Angela Attison's abuse of power begins to take off when she has Jack rub her feet however thats not where this sexy harrassment ends.  Jack knows something isn not kosher when Angela get's naked & has other things on her mind besides employee termination.  Mr.  Attison would go ape shit if he knew his house-wife was now sucking on huge, black rod instead of posting an ad on craigslist for Jack's replacement.  Angela had feeling Jack's black dick was hugest however expression on her face truly says it all.  Angela Attison worships his huge, black cock & sucks on it like deprived whore she is.  Angela's monster white boobs massage Jack's biggest black dick until she's bent over company desk & fucked into near unconsciousness.  The other employees at place must have heard desk shaking as Angela Attison's crotch was finally getting attention it deserves.  Angela's Attison could never reach her cervix, however Jack was balls deep which meant tip of his male genitalia was touching her tonsils.  Jack & Angela continued to tear apart office, & couch was next spot for this interacial free-for-all.  Angela Attison rode him as her its shook, jiggled & bounced to point where they slapped against her chin.  Angela's screaming is an indicator that she's content with keeping Jack on board despite her husband's protest.  Angela Attison continued to fuck life out of Jack's cock until her vagina juices properly lubed up her third imput.  The boss' house-wife had to feel Jack's black anaconda deep in her asshole, which brought it to brink of collapse.  Angela's screaming when up another level when Jack Napier's Godzilla dick entered her anal cavity, which left her at his complete mercy.  The filthy cougar slurped up her ass juice from his big, black dick before putting it back in same pussy her husband de-virginized on their wedding night.  The only difference? Jack was allowed to creampie that white snatch.  
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Gemma More!

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Monika Mynx at
Sometimes reliable crew is hard to find.  Tiffany Mynx is at her wits end with finding reliable help to assist her in selling house.  Its been same old song & dance with her last workers, however Shane Diesel & Wesley Pipes hace come to save day.  Tiffany's moonlighting as realtor is goig to be jeapordized minute she hits on her new workers.  The interesting exchange between three goes inside & Tiffany's appreciation shines through...with couple of monster, black penises.  Tiffany Mynx get's on her knees & cougar begins to prey on two black cocks that are as wide as her forearms.  Ashley sluprs & sucks on each piece of black meat until her soaking wet hole demads some attention.  Wesley bends Tiffany Mynx over for an interracial oven pounding, as her mouth get's filled with Diesel.  These two black bulls attack this cougar from both ends as her screams -most likely than not- increase property value of nighborhood.  Tiffany's appreciation to her new black employees knows no bounds as she continues to let them poke her white oven & mouth without mercy.  Wesley & Shane's bonuses come when they take turns shooting few black lava right at Helen's face & tongue.  We doubt Neighborhood Check would approve of what just happened.  
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