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Better Days!

In todays Caning film, we see what happens when Angel really crosses line.  Sandra had been caught sneaking back & forth between boys & missy school, selling her body to over eager boy students.  When Headmaster caught wind of this, he knew he would have to instill deep fear within her.  As he exposed her tender & soft back to him, he became wicked with cane.  Time & time again, he broke skin, with droplets of busted veins seeping from her soon to be scars.  This was to surely stay in Angles mind for some time.


Be Still My Student!

In this spanking mpeg, we get to see Eleanor take stiff caning for her misbehavior.  She had snapped at teacher, & was immediately send to headmasters office.  This is when see get's tied down to our table, exposing her fluffy bottom to his hard cane.  She seemed to enjoy it however, which just infuriated headmaster even more.  She left room limping in pain, however secretly trembling with pleasure, twisted combination.

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Thin Leather Whip!

Barra just started her work out routine when her spanking Mistress decided she wanted several spanking fun.  Around here, you stop what you're doing if she wants to use & defile you.  Barra's arms are suspended over head, back prepped for sound lashing.  Her Mistress brought her favorite whip.  Its thin & made of leather, guaranteed to mark human flesh.  We're thinking Barra isn not up for finishing her workout.  

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Whipped in Sundress!

Hannah knows sundresses are forbidden in school however wears one anyway.  The headmistress calls Hannah into her office, orders her to untie her sundress, ties her hands above her head & proceeds to whip Hannah into submission.  Hannah cries out in mix of pleasure & pain with every crack of whip & vows never to wear sundress in school again.

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Why Are You Doing This?!

What has this cherry female done to deserve such incredibly punishing whipstrokes from determined & unsmiling guys who's wielding whip?

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Hard Cropping!

Tyron can not keep herself out of trouble.  This time, its serious.  Both our punish Master & Mistress arrive to discipline this blonde bombshell.  She get's on her back & our Mistress holds her legs up.  What to beat her with today? How about rubber crop.  Our Master gives her hard cropping, leaving red patches all over her bare butt.  Lesson learned? We're thinking we'll see Tryon again.  

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Legs Spread for Beating!

When our punish Master & Mistress are in room to whipping, their victim did something intolerable.  Just ask Anitta.  Her punish dominants place her in stirrups for easy access to her cunt.  She's earned herself leather slapper brought down hard on her cunt lips.  If she moves, they'll bring something much worse.  So she keeps her legs spread & takes her beating.  Lesson learned? Most definitely.  

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Spanking Slutty Lola!

The headmaster catches Lola leaving for her date dressed like bitch & decides to teach her lesson.  He pulls her over his knee, lifts up her skirt & begins to give her good old-fashioned ATK spanking.  He than lowers her panties & watches in pleasure as her white ass takes on rosy hue.  Lola kicks & moan with each spank & vows never to dress like hooker again.

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Hog Tied for Spanking!

Already hog tied & sitting for her spanking Mistress to appear, Laura tries to prepare herself for whats to come.  Her eyes stare at long red flogger before her.  The tails are as long as her Mistress is tall.  The sting of it against her back does feel quite good, leaving streaks of red skin.  This spanking pet wants more.  

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virgin-Red Cheeks!

Paddlin' Madelon? Well, whatever her name is, she's certainly getting sharp treatment of her butt!

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Lies Told!

Tasha had been called to principals office, on simply violation.  One that would have garnered nothing more then few harsh words.  When She decided to lie to head mistress, she felt canning would best solve this issue.  She had her bend over right there, & accept what she had done was bad, & punishment was deserving.

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punish the Maid!

Valerie get's pulled away from her maid duties & given stern ATK spanking in this hot butt film.  After few nice swats, headmaster lifts up her skirt, pulls down her thongs & uses his firm hand to turn her behind lovely shade of pink.  Once spanking session is over, Valerie pulls her skirt down, puts her lingeire back on & returns to her maid duties.

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Strung Up and Punished!

young woman's back is worse for wear after she is strung up & whipped with cat o nine tails

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Naughty Nina!

Nina has disobeyed headmasters rules & is taken to his office to receive her spanking.  He lowers her jeans & gives her taste of his firm hand.  He than lowers her panties & gives her good old-fashioned OTK spanking she soon wont forget.  Nina cries out in mix of pleasure & pain as headmaster turns her behind lovely shade of red.  Once spanking session is completed, Nina is ordered to pull up her panties & jeans & escorted back to class by her mean headmaster.

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naked and Whipped!

Tina has been caught sneaking around with boy & is called in to headmistress office to receive her whipping.  Tina is ordered to remove her dress & panties & is tied to paddle post.  The headmistress scolds Tina on error of her ways as she uses whip to turn Tina is back & ass lovely shade of pink.  Tina cries out as whip hits her skin & will think twice before gallivanting with boy on school grounds.

punished spanking

Ass Attack!

dudes & woman demand that young whore undress & bend over wooden horse, eposing her ass-cheeks.  In this vulnerable position, she must endure whipping with cat o nine tails

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OTK Spanking!

These are NOT tender love taps however seriously painful, brutally savage sucks to butt, bare-handed, as girl lies across his knee, first dressed & then naked

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The Wicked Cat!

fierce whipping with cat o nine tails does major number on young chick's back

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Cream Colored Goddess!

Laura is latest victim in this punish video.  She has by far one of larger & softer asses as of late.  She was made to bend over our wooden contraption, allowing us full view of punishment that was to ensue.  Her blond hair shaking with every scream of pain escaping her mouth.  This punish film is one to be seen in full, so do so.

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Redheaded like!

The headmaster sometimes doubles as doctor of schol, were he performs humanitarian efforts.  Despite sometimes unfortunate times, he still has to perform his duties as punisher of school.  Arianie had been found in risque outfit, posing for chatroom she had created.  The headmaster immediately sent for her, & in schools hospital, he immediately punished her.  He had her place her legs up, exposing her pink cunt o his black paddle.  He struck it viciously, causing her to scream in pain.  He did this to make sure she would associate pain with magnificent desire.  He knew she would cease this sleazy behavior.


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