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Schoolgirl spanking fantasy!

Mistress Gemini get's nasty when fresh whore get's sent to her punishment office.  Witness severe corporal discipline, paddling & devastating caning.  The teen girls bottom is throbbing red in ecstasy.

punished spanking

Scarlet punish!

The Naughty Novac Sisters have kept neighbor up all night again with their loud music & partying, so next day hes ready to get his revenge.  Classic corporal punishment greets these saucy blondes, as he expertly demonstrates textbook OTK, hard paddling & excruciating caning.

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Punished Schoolgirl!

Spunky Coed C.C.  get's sent to Mistress Geminis office for discipline & eagerly get's her bare ass spanked & then paddled.  Her punishment is capped as beautiful Gemini inflicts severe lashing on C.C.s plump & throbbing bottom.

spanking digital

Hot spanking!

Mistress Gemini takes 2 hotties into her dungeon for spanking torture session.  Loads of hot OTK & paddling, & stinging pain of cane lash.

punished spanking

Vicious Caning!

Cruel Real Estate professional lure tiny waif to their open house, & proceed to subject her to terrible punishment.  Both crusty old dudes & his buxom assistant take turns punish & caning, turning women's skinny ass into bloody hamburger.

spanking illustrations

Spanked Innocents!

Two white haired wench search themselves in trouble with headmistress, & they are spanked, paddled & caned until they are bruised & throbbing with pain.

dvd spanking

everything you want to see.!

We love to get two gals together & make them do things they want to do anyway.  Of course we make them pay for their naghty pleasures.  When mistress comes in with leather paddle she tries to take it well however hard whacks on this students back make her complain.  The cane makes her wince, as it always does.  Headmistress is looking for reaction & she also enjoys wielding cane briskly on this young ladys butt.  me and him like to imagine her going home to bf or ex girlfriend & working off butt heat with few good fucking.

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The Perfect punish!

Mistress Gemini has special treat for all of her fans, in form of super curvy, big titted Betty.  Gemini starts slowly, teasing her pleasant round bottom, then dials up intensity with leather paddles & finally cane.

spanking vidoes

few serious stripes!

This starts out tame, little playful slapping over her skirt.  however clothes come off & girl number 2 starts to feel otk slaps of her spanker.  Now cat-o-nine-tails is brought to hairy guy on exotic fresh meat lady of color who first delivered gentle punish.  He spares no pain as he brings cat briskly to her bottom.  The cane makes her wince.  Down come blondes knickers & she takes riding crop on her naked butt, turning it bright mottled red.  She is naked & people looking at her its is least of her problems.  Each is made to count out loud as cane rains blows upon those cheeks.

f m spanking stories

Schoolgirl Agony!

Mistress Gemini get's lovely when cherry whore get's sent to her punishment office.  Witness severe corporal discipline, paddling & devastating caning.  The fresh meat miss bottom is throbbing red in ecstasy.

spanking punishments

Pair in Pain!

spanking couple

Luscious Spanking!

The parole officer is called in to discipline two hard cases...  the first is brunette gal that moans & pouts as her attractive bum get's paddled & caned.  The second shaved head babe has perfect round ass that is begging to be smacked, & by end, this is bruised purple & throbbing.

spanking review

Woman with glasses and two others.!

Three lady.  Woman with glasses enjoys whacking with different paddles, eliciting shouts of pain with each, while third cutie helps hold her down.  Cane follows, as usual, as they discuss how many strokes she should get.  They decide on tentative number & then begin.  I dont know what is so sexy about woman with glasses doing hot stuff, however it is fact.  We also see flashes of mistresses clam as her legs part during punishment.  This victim really suffers as mistress shows no mercy & enjoys beating her & ordering her about.  The cane really stings.  Welts ensue & punishment is over, however not before damage is done.

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Naughty Schoolgirls!

soundly spanked

A -cup cutie, spanked and paddled by mans and woman.!

Our man hits hard on blondes white panties.  Blow after blow with little pause.  Her black garters & seamed stockings just add to eroticism of this scene.  Off knee, on her feet, commanded to remove her top.  Nice A-cup titties.   ass pushed out, ready for long strap which is wielded with great gusto.  hard paddling leads us to believe that this model has high tolerance for pain.  Hardly matters as we get what me and him are here for.  than, as bonus, matronly blonde adds to punishment.  Red cheeks & some welts are our rewards for watching this women get her due.

spanking vod

Caning Savvy!

Spankmaster Bob invites his date over for drink & discussion of finer things.  When she turns out to be bit of bore, Bob knows just how to spice up evening.  Asking her ifs she's into punish, she get's naughty look in her eye & says yes please, however can barely survive Bob's expert slaps & cane lashings.

spanking blog

Cruel Headmaster!

spanking blog

bondage and punish!

This room is red & this will match butt cheeks of our hapless victim in short order.  First she takes it very well over her skirt with hand.  however she doesnt do so well with ruler on her bare butt.  Those welts will likely last quite few time.  riding crop was never put to such good use.  She handles it pretty well & seems to shudder when new file-looking instrument is applied.  Now she is tied spread-eagle with her thighs in straps.  She can hardly move as both her exposed cracks are handled.  few lube is placed in her ass, than straw wicket is used to mark her up for real, really, well.  So well that he kisses it.  If you like an abused butt, dont miss this one.

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Kinky moms i'd like to fuck!

Mrs Walker is horny housewife who keeps calling repairman over to get some action.  Exasperated with her pranks, repairman teaches her lesson & bends her over & gives her huge round ass sharp punish.  She hasn not felt so horny in years, & promises him she'll call more many times.

spanking digital

Hot Punishment!

2 curvy whores catch hell from mistress, & she bends each one over her knee, & then whips each round booty until they are beet red & blistering.

spanking spot

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