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OMG Its the Killer Joe!

Killer Joe punishes Jodi & Melody with his big cock!

Iron Man sex An Axel Braun Parody!

From legendary director Axel Braun & adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment comes an action-packed cute spoof on tale of billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark (Dale DaBone) & his super-hero alter-ego.  When Stark is kidnapped & had to build deadly weapon, he instead uses his intelligence to fabricate an indestructible armor & escape his captors.  Once free, he must fight evil Mandarin, save world, & get laid.  Not necessarily in that order!

Hotel No Tell!

Feature pornography for couples! Get ready to check into Warchester Hotel in adult DVD Hotel No Tell, where laughs & jaw-dropping xxx give hotel 4-star rating! Stars Bonnie Rotten, Kaylani Lei, Madison Ivy, & more! 'Back of House', 'Rack Rates' & 'Hospitality' take on entirely new meanings as we follow hapless bellboy trying to satisfy his guests' perverted nice appetites, including dominatrix & sub who need ice, in-room massage service & couple renting room to shoot pono.  Here's your wake-up callmake reservation at Hotel No Tell today!

Bikini Outlaws!

Five teen & reckless beauties from different walks of life take on system & get more than they bargain for.  Fast girls go 'all in' for quick buck by knocking over an easy target - however find out things aren not always what they seem.  Smoking hot vixens, car crashes & mind-blowing sex collide in this visual masterpiece that will leave you breathless!

Fluffers 14!

midget hardcore

Real life fluffers caught in action! Only Immoral Productions uses real fluffers.

Getting Schooled!

slapshot hardcore

Sandy is shy & not entirely over finding out that her ex-boyfriend was cross-dresser.  Her neighbors, including 'smooth operator' Chris, work together to get Sandy back in dating game.  After many comical & sexual misadventures, this finally becomes obvious that love is closer than she thought!

Fluffers 13!

villa hardcore

Real life fluffers caught in action.  Only we use real fluffers.  

porn Fucktory!

slapshot hardcore

xxx Fucktory sex I met Emylia Argan, true alter ego of Arisa, Italian singer & star judge of 'X Factor' in Italy.  'sex Fucktory' is parody of four Italian judges on 'X Factor.  XXX Fucktory DVD vid ' The mpeg is lots of fun, with funny moments thanks to Oscar Gelanti & Mike Chapman.  They are Fantastic comedians.  - Rocco Siffredi

Booty Pageant!

hardcore paint

Who Doesn not Wanna Get Little Behind In Their Work? lava along with documentary film crew as they investigate sexual shenanigans of country's oldest Booty Pageant! With contestants, past & present, only too willing to show off their Assets, they're sure to get lens full of booty! This all star cast of booty queens get down to business & put on one helluva' hot talent show that will thrill judges & audience alike!

large coconuts: Film School Dropouts!

african hardcore

not small Boob Film schol Dropouts shows what happens when frustrated film students decide bail on film school to make their own horror movie.  Natasha`s busty crew is clueless -- & horny -- so when she finds out they are all having pron on set she decides to set up hidden photocamera to make different kind of indy film.  However, movie lacks one thing...  star! Natasha takes reigns & becomes lead as she too seduces one of bored crew members.

An American Werewolf In London porno Parody!

hardcore whores

Two American college students, David & Jack played by Richie & Dane Cross are backpacking across Europe when they are savagely attacked by werewolf.  David wakes up in London hospital to be told he has been in coma for three weeks & his friend Jack was killed.  His staff of life, also has maintained permanent erection since attack.  Soon David starts experiencing horrible dreams, & his dead friend comes to warn him that he will turn into werewolf.  kind English nurse (Lexi Ward) takes distraught young guys to her flat.  Soon David discovers curse is real & goes on rampage through streets of London as bloodthirsty werewolf.

Fluffers 7!

hardcore whores

Immoral Productions hires real fluffers every week, & now for 1-st time you can watch never-seen-before behind-the-scenes footage of these caring & compassionate fresh ladies who will making oral sex dick for greater good.  

guy In Black: hardcore Parody!

youtube hardcore

Join aliens & MIB personnel for an intergalactic adventure sure to tickle more than your funny bone.  Ride along as Agents track down evil aliens & make world safer & sexier place.  So, put your black suit & shades on & get ready to help save universe.  An all-star cast, amazing special effects, scorchingly hot sex, & laugh-out-loud humor makes this an instant sexy parody classic.  MIB & Sci-fi fans, dont miss out! Get your copy of best new adult video this side of Milky Way!

Heaven Or Hell!

african hardcore

Candy (Alektra Blue) is having bad day.  During morning bike ride, she crosses paths with truck & truck wins.  Her untimely demise lands her in strange place.  Is it Heaven? Is this Hell? Its neither.  Candy finds herself in limbo, forced to take number to find out if she's going up to pearly gates or heading down to depths of hell.  Along way, she has chance meeting with an ex-boyfriend & they pass time reminiscing about better days & better lays.  She hears many fantastic stories of how people ended up in this sort of purgatory.  & as she finds out, this seems that as on Earth, everyone loves beautiful sex story!

Official Bounty Hunter Parody 3!

hard core cd

If you're into super hot fuckable fugitives running from long hard arm of law, then this third installment of Bounty Hunter series will have you cuffed to your armchair in anticipation! Watch your favorite cocksmith hero track down hottest, sexiest outlaws & nail their asses - & their holes too! There's no escaping his cock-wielding custody - these rough & ready renegades will surrender & prove they're as wild in captivity as they are on run!

The Flying Pink Pig 2!

hardcore weekender

You've seen news, You've heard about possible lawsuit, Now see movie that caused all Controversy! Its whats NOT on menu that makes Flying Pink Pig tastiest meals on wheels in town...  

Jon And Kate Fuck Eight!

hardcore cds

Marriage is never easy, however for Jon & Kate it was more difficult than for most.  Their relationship had grown cold & visit to marriage counselor seemed only option.  Surprisingly, he had novel solution to their problem.  Realizing that they were each dealing with 'Wandering Lust' syndrome, he told them that only way they would ever realize that they still had good marriage was to see what it was like on outside...  in another words: go out & get laid! & did therapy work? Did Jon & Kate realize error of their ways or were they destined to spend rest of their lives in hedonistic orgy or illicit pleasures? Is there even surprise ending? No clues here folks, you're just going to have to enjoy film to find out! So enjoy, because they certainly did!!

Not Married With Children pron!

slapshot hardcore

Al fears his job is in jeopardy so Brooke get's involved in sexually explicit blackmail scheme to get his co-worker fired.  horny tits, ass & vagina abound in Bundy household as Peg, Kelly, Al, Bud, Marcie & Steve can not stop fuck in this dirty spoof of classic show Tv show.  

The Office: XXX Parody!

hardcore blow jobs

When cameras enter offices of Dinder Muffin, its up to 'World's Bust Boss', Michelle (Ashlynn Monika), to make sure that hard drives are hard & water cooler is wet.  Thats why she's not only boss, she's employee of month! Its must see sex TV parody of year, when monster all star cast (thats what she said!) stars in New Sensations' hilarious hump-fest, The Office: XXX Parody.


hard core clip

Meet gagger family, headed up by Frank Gagger, an unemployed & alcoholic father to seven children who quite frankly would be better off without him.  There's plenty of crotch to go around in Wankersville, even local residents are getting in on action.  The local barmaid Karen can not stand thought of another doll sampling delights of wankersville man whilst she's stuck behind bar & often indulges her locals in little spot of voyeur action.

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