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1st Time Caller - Darcy Tyler & Jake Riley!

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Jake Riley's had an itch thats needed scratching for while.  He's been experiencing chronic boners in afternoon, right after lunch.  An idea thats been nagging at Jake could hold key to remedy situation.  Today, he's finally gonna do it.  Jake's calling service that provides attractive girl on an on-call basis for privileged individuals.  He's already picked out one he wants.  Her name is Darcy Tyler.  Within 30 minutes, Darcy arrives at Jake's house & enters on her own accord.  Jake is already down to his undies & playing with himself.  Darcy likes what she sees & doesn not waste any time going for his lovely meat.  Jake's cock is long & very hard, just how Darcy prefers.  The amazing sensation of Darcy's warm lips around his pulsating member sends Jake to an uncharted realm of xxx pleasure.  After returning favor, Jake lays Darcy down, just as he had been imagining for months, & slides his fat packet inside her.  He starts slow, working his way into groove.  As he finds his rhythm, he lets his body move organically.  His momentum builds into fuck frenzy by which Darcy too fells herself absorbed.  Experience this incredible encounter between these two who were at once strangers, however only moments later intertwined by ineffable chemistry of lust.  Enjoy!

PreParty - Ruby Knox & James Huntsman!

pornstar missy
James Huntsman knows that its all about tiny details.  So while he's supposed to be getting ready for little friendly dungeon party, fact is that he has spent most of day getting room ready, & very little time getting himself ready.  Lucky for him he has remembered one little detail- Rubi Knox's favorite red jock.  As soon as she sees that, Rubi goes from crazy mad to crazy horny in no time.  See what other tricks James has hidden up his sleeve...  & in his pants.Enjoy!

Rain Dance - Johnny Torque & Darcy Tyler!

pornstar missy
Rain comes in sheetsJohnny Torque's cock grows chubbyDarcy Tyler in heat'Won not he just fuck me?'Fire flickering & flashin'Johnny pounds her with passionThese encounters pass so quickLets make this one lastShe'll enjoy his hard dickAnd take that hot jizm blastEnjoy!

Hands On Workout - Kelly D & Connor Maguire!

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Nikki D is working it out in gym, letting off some steam & just looking for way to release several of her pent up energy.  She's been noticing Connor Maguire for quite few time, & finally tables are turned.  Connor sees her working bag & get's an idea to have her soft hands working something else.  After smoothing it over with few small talk, Connor lets Mia's natural horniness do rest.  In no time she's abandoned idea of her workout to get all sweaty with Connor instead.Enjoy!

Ready For several Fucking - Brittany Amber & Vance Crawford!

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Its nice, sunny day as Brittany Amber lounges by pool, waiting for her fuckers, Vance Crawford, to join her.  however Vance has become preoccupied by cute magazine he found upstairs.  He's busy rubbing his chubby while Amber calls his name repeatedly from down by pool.When she finally goes upstairs to see whats holdup, she finds him touching himself, completely unconcerned that she's been waiting.  When he grabs for her, she knows what he wants, however is miffed he didn not join her outside.  however she can not resist Vance's luscious penis when its so large & throbbing! After very little resistance, she's got his member in her mouth, slurping like fiend.  & once Vance get's his motor running, he doesn not shut it off until he get's what he wants.  Watch Amber handle Vance's guys meat while he pounds her 5 ways from yesterday!Enjoy!

Begging For It - Darcy Tyler & James Huntsman!

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When Darcy Tyler wants something, she's used to getting it.  however her boyfriend, James Huntsman, is no pushover when it comes to one thing thats usually most important thing on his brain - sex! Darcy wants to hit club early tonight, however James wants to get his fuck on first.  She doesn not wanna to miss out on first round of drinks with her girls, however James is pretty convincing arguer.  He's promising they have time to bang out hot session before leaving house.  Darcy finally agrees to little kissing, which leads to James unleashing his weighty, hard lizard.  She'll stroke this bit, however just for minute! That cock feels so beautiful in her hands, its almost impossible to refuse putting it in her mouth, however only just few slurps, they gotta get going! Well ok, now there's no way she's leaving house until James pumps that throbbing erection in to her & they both get little satisfaction before hitting town.  Enjoy!

Bathroom Quickie - Brittany Amber & Tyler Torro!

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Guys are always horny & its total drag when their ex girlfriend doesn not have an equal porno drive.  Lukcily for Tyler Torro, his lady Brittany Amber is always down to take hard love stick.This week, we catch these two love birds in bathroom, where Tyler ambushes Brittany as she's getting ready for their dinner date.Looks like Tyler wants dessert to be first item on menu.Enjoy!

Why You Should chat To Strangers - Jessie Cox & Oliver Saint & Tyler Torro!

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all straight fellas have fantasy of coming across beautiful, pretty stranded chic on side of road thats willing to do anything for ride to safety.Fortunately for Oliver Saint & his buddy Tyler Torro, today happens to be day they'll never forget.These two go lost on their way to party out in country when all of sudden, whorish looking blonde in skimpy clothing appeared at side of road, who happened to be in desperate need of ride.  So instead of heading to party, these two lovely Jessie Cox back to their house for little fun.As you can see in preview, these two studs don not waste any time getting her naked, & fulling her up with their meat poles.Enjoy!

What The Dr. Ordered - Kandi Milan & David Stone!

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David Stone was feeling under weather other day, so we thought it would be nice 'get well soon' gesture to send over beautiful & cute Kandi Milan to liven him up.What happens next is extreme hot & naughty.  After thrusting her hand under covers to take his pulse, however grabbing his rod, two get at it.  She sucks him & he fucks her.  After blowing huge sex cream onto his chest, he's ready for anything & feels so much better!Enjoy!

Shane Reno & Lexy Mae - Lexy Mae & Shane Reno!

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Shane Reno loves porno & loves to get wild.  He constantly thinks about fucking & masturbating.  Lucky for him Lexy Mae is also obsessed with porno & can withstand any position & force.While hanging out playing some pool flirting begins.  Its not long until Shane is cheating & wanting Lexy to play with his balls.  She wastes no time in yanking that penus out & swallowing it whole.She can sucking ram rod like champ & Shane fucks her face & its to test out all angles.  This lad is such boy that he makes her scream in orgasmic pleasure at least three different times.  This is few true hard core fuck & Lexy takes it deep & hard.Enjoy!

Thunder & love juice - Vandal Vyxen & Mike Matters!

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If you like muscles, Mike Matters is men for you.  He's hunk, he's hung & he's always horny!Just like in last update, Mike Matters is totally new to world of internet porn.  He's 100% straight boy, however with little persuation, he'll love potion over to other side to play.  Of course we have to bribe him with for true cute girls like Vandal Vyxen, however its all good, because she doesn not let him get away scott free.  After getting pounded by his hugest cock, Vandal sucks goodness out of his coconuts, then feeds his own load to him.  Hot!Enjoy!

Stiff Punishment - Tyler Torro & Darcy Tyler!

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Tyler Torro is your average 18 year old student: horny, distracted, & hot for teacher.  Darcy Tyler is simply trying to conduct class, however Tyler has become constant source of distraction.  His latest episode has her particularly concerned.  It seems that some pornography was found in Tyler's desk, however even more troubling is his blatant defiance to seriousness of situation.  So Darcy takes this upon herself to issue little corporal punishment.  Before too long Tyler is asshole out & rock hard.  Luckily, Darcy has something in mind for that as well.  Enjoy!

Something Worth Waiting For - Tyler Torro & Darcy Tyler!

pornstar nina
For Tyler Torro, best things in life are free...good pals, fond memories, & looking super hot.  & many times best things in life are worth waiting for.  Today, Tyler's waiting around for Darcy Tyler to show up.  He's been lying around, thinking about sliding his fat cock into cherry lady for some time now.Darcy arrives ready to fuck.  She's also been looking forward to this encounter, salivating at thought of Tyler's wild stones on her tongue.  Watch Tyler pound her like sex-crazed maniac as passion & intensity escalate until explosive finish, Next Door Hookups style!Enjoy!

Celebration xxx - Heather Vahn & Vic Valentino!

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Vic Valentino has been hard working security supervisor for long time, apprenticing under toughest police sergeant in city.  The serge has finally made good on his promise; Vic's been promoted to full-time beat cop.  His girlfriend, Heather Vaughn, has been policewoman in city for 2 years now, & Vic is elated to finally be her professional equal.  So is she.  She's so proud of Vic, she's come down to station late to surprise him with some celebration sex! She's starting by unleashing Vic's massive meat stick & sucking it hard, using loads of saliva to make it extra slick in her mouth.  Vic is little nervous about getting it on right in locker flat, just after his promotion, however Heather lips feel too good around his boner.  He's taking advantage of moment & sliding his love stick inside her, fuck her like he never thought he would.  Something about thrill of accomplishment has made Vic sexual beast.  Watch him ravage his main squeeze as he uses his awesomely chiseled upper body & his plump however firm hind end.  Its romantic, jubilant occasion for very happy, very gorgeous couple.  Enjoy!

Anniversary Pounding - Brittany Amber & Kevin Crows!

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They call him Kevin Crows & he sure is men.  Other from his rippling muscles, his charming smile & awesome rod, he also has pair of crows tattoed on his back that look pretty cool.It was Kevin & Brittany's anniversary night, so we knew there was going to be some good action that we needed to capture for you.  After toasting to their love, its time to get naked!Kevin lovingly gives his girlfriend thorough pounding before drenching her in his like juice.Enjoy!

porno submissive - Tyler Torro & Katie Summers!

Tyler Torro has been locked up in Katie Summers' basement for about three days now, wearing nothing however blue jock strap & an extreme amount of disdain.  Katie is kind of twisted hotties, & as such, she has decided to play game with her captive.  If he wins game, he not only get's his freedom, however he get's to fuck Katie as well.  however if he loses, well its pretty much more of same.Enjoy!

Series Of Surprises - Tyler Torro & innocent Torn & Spencer Fox!

smallest pornstar
Cherry Torn is not your average miss, & Tyler Torro is not your average boy.  To say that their love life is bit adventurous is probably bit of an understatement.  So this should come as any real shock to Tyler when cherry blindfolds him & tells him she's got couple of surprises.  Surprise one is when Tyler feels cold hard touch of Cherry's strap-on rubbing on his body.  Surprise 2 is when he feels soft warm touch of Spencer Fox's mouth all over his hard sex stick.  Turns out, Cherry has recruited Spencer for bit of fun & mischeif.  For Tyler, old bait & switch was never so pleasureable.Enjoy!

The Appointment - Darcy Tyler & Mason Star!

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Darcy Tyler is one hot massage therapist in high demand.  If you are lucky enough to get booking with her, you damn well better be on time.  Mason Star is Darcy's 1 o'clock appointment, & if he can get there on time, all of her many talents will be at his disposal.We're talking shoulder rubs, hind end rubbing, oral...  whole nine.  Watch this epic tale heat up as one studs races against time to got massage.  If you see one xxx film this Spring, make date to see...  The Appointment.

Special Treatment - Rubi Knox & Cameron Foster!

prettiest pornstar
Rubi Knox is so excited to have just received her first schedule as professional masseuse.  She's worked very hard to get here & can not wait to give her bf, Cameron Foster, very special rub down.But Cameron has only one thing on his mind, you guessed it, happy ending.  Rubi knows from massage school that any manipulation of love stick is strictly prohibited in professional environment, so she tells Cameron it ain not gonna happen.  She does have surprise up her sleeve though.  Once Cameron is lying naked on massage table, enjoying Rubi's tender kneading, Rubi figures she'll took her shirt off to give her mans little eye candy with his rub down.  When she sees size of his swollen staff of life, she can not help however stroke it.  Since he's already getting little special treatment, she figures she'll go step further & sucking him little.  That only makes her hornier, so she climbs atop Cameron's hard rod & lets him fuck her for an ending reserved only for her favorite client.Enjoy!

Bathroom Bang - Crissy Moon & Rod Daily!

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The other night, Rod Daily & Crissy Moon had reservations for dinner at very upscale local restaurant.The two were in bathroom, sausage in shower & Crissy doing her makeup in mirror.  The site of his hot ex girlfriend sliding that stick of lipstick over her luscious lips was just too much for always-swee hunk to handle.  Instead of getting dressed, short sword walks over to Crissy & strips sexy vixen of her clothes, beginning what will be 30 minutes long fuck session.Needless to say, they were late for dinner, however they didn not have to worry about ordering dessert because it had just been served.Enjoy!

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