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Cigarettes and its!

white haired sexpot Sammy performs smoking hot felatio on her secret lover.  She takes break to light up her cigarette, revealing her large beautiful tits & continues to get her louver off with her hot lips.  Sammy takes drag of her cigarette & exhales cloud of smoke all over his hard dick.  With cigarette in her hand, she makes her lover hot milk & smiles as gravy drips down her mouth.

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Happy Smiling Smoker!

blonde vixen Mackenzie sits in her living hotel room, enjoying combined taste of cigarettes & coffee.  With cigarette in her sultry mouth, Mackenzie unzips her plaid t-shirt, revealing her perky its.  She blows seductive sea of smoke onto her tits before reaching down to play with her hot dripping pussy.  Mackenzie finishes her cigarettes, puts on her delicious shoes that she take off in fit of ecstasy & smiles mysterious smile.

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Smoking hookers Lonnie and Avery Love to Play!

If you like ladies who smoke in sexy nylons, you??re at right place.  Meet Lonnie & Avery, 2 drop-dead wild, chain-smoking whores who love to smoking cigarettes as they model slutty stockings.  It doesn??t get much hotter than watching Lonnie & Avery please each other with smoke as they caress their nice, bronzed stocking-clad legs.

desi girl smoking

swee Smoker on her Knees!

Ava Ramone??s mystery mens sits on couch, while she performs strip tease.  Down to just her pink & black bra & panties, she get's on her knees, removes his boxer briefs & begins to inhale his sex stick like she smokes her cigarettes, drawing in every last juicy inch.  The smoke from her freshly lit cigarette covers his dick as she provocatively licks his balls.  This sultry siren playfully grabs his love stick & shoots his cum all over her wanting mammaries.  She get's up off of her knees, sits on chair across room & smokes another cigarette, enjoying feeling of his emission dripping down her bare chest.

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horny Smoker!

heavenly honey shows off her goodies while taking long drags of nicotine.  the gorgeous gall, clad in stockings, langerie, & bared boobs strokes her lush bod & toys with her nodes while taking drags of her ultra-slim cigarette & blowing smoke at videocamera.  Wouldnt you love to wrap your lips around those deep cinnamon nipples? The girl runs lit tip of her thin cigarette along her titties, her arms, & other skin, yet never seems to burn herself.  She smiles at videocamera as she toys with cigarette.  What is she thinking? What is on her mind? What is she up to, dragging tip of cig across herself like that?

cigarette smoking girl

nice Smokers Breath!

Vixen Elena Rivera, dressed in white tank top, floral skirt & black sheer thigh highs smokes long cigarette.  She goes on her cell phone & exhales cloud of smoke.  Her phone call is taking longer than she expected & as she breathes in her cigarette, she imagines what erotic night has in store for her.

scene girl smoking

Work that smoky oven!

The wacky duo of MaryJane & Layla jJade are at their bad-girl kinkiest...Layla Jade engages in nast POV blow-job while chainsmoking, & dirty bird Mary Jane pulls up her skirt & finger fucks her vagina at sight of hot smoke-filled action.

naked girls smoking pot

Magic Moments!

Carolyn Monroe comes home after bad day & tries to relax with smoke.  Roommate Stacy Burke is on her case right away, & it escalates into smoldering feud.  Stacy ties up Carolyn & tries to cure roomy by having her smoke herself sick.  Carolyn can took all Stacy tries to give her & more .  .  .  & scene fades with hint of even New devilish fun to follow with these two.

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smoking girl porn

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smoking girl porn

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beautiful Smoker Tests the Water!

Erotic vixen Zoe Britton smokes on her pool deck with rollers in her hair.  She wears black halter dress & walks over to pool with cigarette in hand.  Zoe dips her smoking hot toes into pool & smiles, knowing tonight she & her louver will frolick naked in water.  She adjusts her rollers & takes drag of her cigarette, imagining how her hot evening will unfold.

cigarette smoking girl

Smokey Bare Flesh!

hot Roxetta sits on chair as clouds of smoke envelope her naked body.  She spreads her legs & begins to touch her quivering pussy as trail of smoke curves around her body.  Roxetta loves feeling of smoke against her bare flesh.  She reaches around to finger her ass as smoke from her cigarette penetrates her throbbing hole.

smoking girl hell

Smoker Strikes Pose!

Voluptuous Gwen Diamond walks outside of her lovely house to have smoke.  She reveals garter belt that holds up her gorgeous black thigh highs as she blows smoke out of her nose.   Gwen sits on steps, coyly posing for camera as she lights another cigarette.  She enjoys her cigarette to last drop & is sad when she can put it out on cement & return to her home

girl smoking pot

Brooke Blows Smoke and penis!

Brooke loves how you light her cigarettes love true gentleman.  Tonight, Brooke shows up after work with fresh pack of smokes & horny sparkle in her eye.  few glasses of wine & few cigarettes later, Brooke is on her knees, sucking love stick & smoking cigarette until flow blasts all over her angelic face.

girl smoking

First Date With Smoking Goddess Jamie Lynn!

Tonight you have hot date with erotic dancer Jamie Lynn.  She had crush on you first time you lit her cigarette outside club.  Right now, Jamie Lynn is curling her hair -- hoping soon you will be curling her toes (while she smokes, naturally).  Jamie Lynn??s favorite position is doggy style.  She loves to smoke while getting fucked from behind, shooting you sultry glance as she takes each satisfying inhale.  

desi girl smoking

Smokey Drink!

blond bombshell Jamie Elle smokes, wearing only fur coat to keep her warm.  She plays with her nipple ring as sea of smoke covered her fur coat.  Jamie spreads her legs & reveals her smoking hot hole.  She takes drag of her cigarette & exhales cloud of smoke into her drink.

smoking fetish girls

Smokers Nipple deep kiss!

hot sirens Samantha & Zoe feed each other cigarettes as smoke covers their bodies like blanket.  Samantha takes off one of her black satin gloves & places Zoe??s hand in it as they blow seductive sea of smoke in to each others wanting mouths.  Samantha exhales cloud of smoke onto Zoe??s hard supple bulbs.

cigarette smoking girl

Smokers hot Bedroom Eyes!

sweat Sabrina Rose lies spread eagle on bed & smiles as she lights her cigarette.  She sits up, inhales smoke from her cigarette & caresses her hot its with cigarette in her hand.  Sabrina blows cloud of smoke while looking at camera with her beautiful bedroom eyes

cigarette smoking girl

naughty Smoker Lies Down!

Sultry sex kitten Karlie Montana takes her shoes off and, with cigarette in hand, walks around pool.  She walks over ledge of pool, lays on her stomach & enjoys poolside cigarette.  Smoking in hot sun really turns Karli on.  She pulls down her dress takes an ice cube & rubs it all over her hard supple nips.  Karlie goes inside to fully satisfy herself.

busty girl smoking

Smokers jerkoff!

innocent Mary Jane & her sultry nurse Charlie love taste of their freshly lit cigarettes.  Nurse Charlie strips Mary Jane down to garter & thigh highs, strips down herself & takes drag of her cigarette.  Nurse Charlie & Mary Jane begin to jerk-off while they inhale their nice cigarettes.  After they both successful get off, they put their clothes back on & extinguish their cigarettes.

scene girls smoking

nice Smoker Gets Self Off!

Blonde bombshell Jamie Lynn sits on carpeted floor, enjoying taste of her cigarette.  She wears only garter belt & thigh high & likes watching smoke rise up from ground.  Jamie Lynn plays with her hard supple nipples & throbbing cunt as smoke caresses her skin.

cigarette smoking girl

Smoke Archive!

We found scene with lovely Ms Camille from November 1997.  She may have forgotten about it, however we have her first & only time.
She's not an accomplished "smoke hound", however Isabella sure tries to look beautiful & playful, & she succeeds marvelously.

cigarette smoking girl

desi girl smoking

cigarette smoking girl

smoking girl hell

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