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Tricia Oaks!

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India Summer at
My husband knows to treat me well ensures I stay with him despite his obvious short comings.  Fucking his needle staff of life is like throwing hotdog down hallway.  Basically, its waste of my time that I could be using to prowl for thick, black penises!.  Hubby & I are cruising net looking for some black studs to come over & have their way with me as he watches.  I normally can not stand sight of him however its bone I am tossing him.  I also allowed him to touch his miniscule white rod as I was ravaged by black dicks that I never knew got to those insane sizes.  I wrapped my mouth around all of these penises presented to me as my fuckhole finally got workout that had been lacking since day I said 'I do.' He cleaned up bombardment of black cum that was left on me & what little respect I had for him shrunk smaller than size of his short sword.  Once my black bulls were gone I gave pity on my hubby & jacked his sex stick until he blew load all over himself.  Never say that India Summer never had heart.  
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Ashli Orion!

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Trisha Rae at
I am Trisha Rae & studs do what I wanna whenever I please.  My boy friend hasn not been cutting it in bedroom ( he's white, can not blame him for that) so today he's getting in education in how white girls love getting fucked.  Actually, its going to be by several huggest black penises because they're only ones big enough to get me off.  1'st off, I want to amuse myself so my little cuckold is going to wear male chastity device so his tiny piss piss can not get hard however he doesn not need device for that since he has white studs's curse.  I also made him sit right by me as all 110 pounds of me get's pummeled by thickest & fattest black penises I could find.  He loved way my pussy smelled as I sat on his face moments after it housed black cock.  He got an earful as those fat black balls slammed against my back & he quickly realized he was out of his league as far as satisfying me was concerned.  My tight fuckhole will never be same however thats never bad thing.  My boy friend is now an real cuckold since he did his best to lick off gallons of black special sauce that was left behind.  I might keep this one around.  
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Leah Livingston!

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Janet Mason at
I've sucked & fucked penises of all shapes & sizes & being cougar means I know what I like.  Unfortunately, I married white lad who would rather work all time than satisfy my primal hungers.  He walked in on me & several black lads who I had come over to give some painting estimates.  They got bit frisky with me & my concern for paint was put on hold as I would rather play with some fat donkey dicks.  Hubby sat in corner & watched (since he doesn not want to lose half his shit in potential divorce) & we were off the black races! Those black fucker lined up & I sucked them off one after other.  They didn not give my white clam any mercy & I knew my husband was several feet away eating his heart out.  I can not tell you just how hard I was pounded by my cuckold could tell since my screams must have ruptured his eardrums.  I did manage to sneak in few kisses to him as I was being violated & to show his true like to me he was going to have to clean up some black mess.  I enjoyed my new black friends ordering that wank around & we now get together weekly for black and white fuck that my pussy pays price for.  
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Dana Dearmond!

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Maggie Matthews at
I am size queen.  I hate love making however I love getting my oven destroyed by black tool.  My submissive cuckold today knew that I was in charge & nothing would change that.  I slapped his bare white hind end with ruler, & verbally cut him down to size.  I was fortunate enough to find bunch of big, black cocks & I were through black cock hooker tournament of black basket of meat.  My idiot cuckold could hear exactly how white girls love to be treated as my uterus nearly fell out from non-stop pounding of super-sized black cocks.  When I wasn not stuffing black love stick past my tonsils I was taking one in my snatch which will no doubt be loose from this point on.  He was decent little cuckold since he didn not hesitate to clean me up after I drained those fat black balls of every their DNA.  Next time I might let him watch just bit of mayhem.......maybe.  
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Whitney Fears!

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Tatianna Kush at
I love nothing better than humiliating cuckolds & fucking black guys with super long rods.  I am lucky because today I kill two birds with one stone.  I should have hung my useless cuckold from his neck however instead decided to walk him around like slave dog he is.  He doesn not get to touch me, oh no! If thought cross his mind than I'll unleash few nasty black thugs to rip him apart right after they toss around their newest black penis fiend.  I knew black penises were huge by black and white x-rated I make my cuckold buy me however I had no idea I'd come face to face with freaks of nature.  I wasn not even sure my tight white pussy would house those black snakes however doubt was erased moment my wet clit felt black flesh .  What kind of black cock hooker would I be if I didn not deep-throat those meaty monsters all way to testicles.  I had my cuckold tied up so he wouldn not feel urge to break up my party & its going thing because I didn not wanna onslaught on black rooster to stop.  I untied him moment I needed him to erase any proof that I had black DNA on me & he did this with smile on his face.  then again, when you look like me then white mans do whatever fuck you want.  
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Alexia Skye!

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Tyla Wynn at
My twink & I have been together for while now.  Tonight, I got dresses & wanted him to take me out.  He was thinking of nightclub or even bar however I really wanted to go out & prowl for black love stick.  We ended up in bad neighborhood & I had him approach some local black fellas in hopes that he would let them know my crotch & mouth were up for taking.  Once than saw me in flesh they take me back home with my cuckold following close behind.  He kept safe distance as I was sucking their fat penises because if he was too close there could have been beat down on set however we would have kept fucking over his beaten butt.  Juicy black member was served up to me & I was like kid in candy store however more like black dick slut in South Central L.A.  I felt especially giving this evening so my butt was also for taking which is something I never give cuckold since you have to have hard rod to fuck girl's ass.  He loves me so much that he put up with watching his ex girlfriend get fucked like never before & he saw all second of it in person.  I needed those black dicks to drain their seed all over me so I could have white devil clean up & make his gf happy.  I didn not know he had it in him, however, I didn not know I had it in me to fuck three stout dicked black dicks & be able to walk out without being bow-legged.  
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Tori Paige!

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Juelz Ventura at
The amount of white lads fucked in head that visit me for help is astounding.  My latest patient came to me because his wive is addicted to big black basket of meat which leaves his tiny white basket of meat without attention.  I didn not think rods got that small however when he showed me his midget member I couldn not hold back my laughing.  Actually, I nearly lost it once I had him put on male chastity belt & idiot went along with it.  It was time for me to take my skills to next level even as unorthodox as it seemed.  My patient got front row seat to see exactly what his house-wife was doing in hopes that his understanding could salvage marriage.  I brought in Jason Brown (along with his 12 inches).  First, I got on my knees, relaxed my throat, & take him as far & deep as my gag reflexes would allow.  So far , so good as far as my patient was concerned.  The true test would be to see how he'd react once he saw my white fuckbox getting plowed much like his wife's is however behind closed doors.  Jason than bent me over & slammed his big black boss and his two helpers deep into my uterus as my screams drowned out his moans.  Our session wouldn not be complete until patient could come to terms that only black boss and his two helpers could satisfy white lady.  How would he prove that? I made him clean up all black goo from my hind end that Jason used as target .  Did I help out my patient? Who cares? As long as I got my fill of black love stick then all was well.  The icing on cake was that I made my patient pay for entire hour as I got destroyed.  
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Christine Michaels!

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Marina Maywood in
I am sucker when it comes to my bf being romantic with me.  He's brought me to spot we first met at three years ago.  He asked me what I wanted for our anniversary & I was stumped because he's given me so much already.  He suggested to live out my fantasy of fucking few big black guys as he watched.  I was stunned however than called his bluff & before you knew it I was in middle of an interracial pron sandwich.  I don not know where he found these gigantic blacks cocks however I didn not really care since my oven was getting thrashing.  He surprised me when he said he wanted to be my own personal cuckold so he could have chance to eat some black penis butter no matter where it landed.  He really went all out for me & his mouth was soon covered in black cream proving that he loves me dearly however has issues he needs to work on.  
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Cameron Love!

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Carla Cox at
In my country, euro Republic, we don not know what 'cuckold' is.  I do know what it means to be black cock cheater based on how I've been sucking & fucking black meat for longest time.  Lucky for me in America I can have cuckold watch as I take in black short sword size of fire hydrant.  Shane 'Horse rod' Diesel showed me how to humilate white cuckold showing me that Americans can be really mean.  I let my white bitch mackin' me little bit & m leaopard bikini looked as good on him as it does me.  I had to have that monster black male genitalia down my throat since thats how good Euro Whores do it.  I'f I sucked my cuckold's rod than I'd still have 99% of my mouth free.  He did come in handy as her spread my pink lips to welcome that black rocket with nut sack as biggest as my cuckold's head.  Clean up was easy because my cuckold & I share same appetite for chunky black sex cream.  He's so pathetic however looks real cute in my beachware.  
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Veronica Jett!

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Allison Wyte at
I am perfect girlfriend.  I cook, I clean, & I want lizard every day long.  Its just my luck that my bf is perfect loser.  He's white, he's got small dick, & it doesn not work.  He knows he can not satisfy me so to prove my point he's got to wear this little device so his dead phallic won not rise.  He must also view his ex gf blow & fuck some nice black boys since he's never UP to job, haha.  I got dry mouth from spending longest time shoving thickest & fattest black rods because only black sex stick will do.  I didn not have to worry about my oven being dry cos that only happens when my boy friend tries climbing on top of me.  He's lucky that he got to see me getting covered all over with black cock & I've sworn to interracial sex since this day forward.  He licked up several of fattest black sex cream I've ever taken & he was bit hesitant to clean up however he has history of being lazy.  Typical white stud he is.  
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Scarlett Pain!

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Chantell Merino at
I am perfect fucktoy whose bf takes for granted.  I wait for him at night to fuck me & he shows up drunked with whiskey basket of meat.  The rare times he manages to get some blood flowing down there is also waste of time since his millimeter little soldier doesn not even touch my vaginal walls.  I brought him to watch his ex gf finally get fucked way she deserves.  I only place my trust in big black sex stick to make me emission over & over again.  After I took what little money he had it was just matter of time before big black banana squad was at our place & ready to fill me balls deep with their meat swords.  He couldn not help however See as his soon to be ex gf was getting interracial fucking of lifetime.  Even my black friends could resist talking down to him which shows that its just not me who finds him worthless.  It was time to get nasty as I coated those black cocks with every drop of spit that was in my mouth.  My pussy got equally wet & it made it easier to slide in those black cocks which were as wide as my bfs forearm.  I couldn not take it anymore & I thought I was going to pass out for an overdose of black ram rod however I had to have my cuckold eat few of their goo right off my flawless white frame.  He did an above average job considering he's white boy with below average jackhammer & libido.  
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Zoe Voss!

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Tweety Valentine at
When your boyfriend's rod rivals that of mouse then you have to look elsewhere to get off.  Shane Diesel's big size black lizard looks as if someone spray painted fire hydrant black.  There's nothing better than humiliating handicapped white boy whose panis only get's hard at comic book shows.  Before I went one on one with Shane's horse rod I made my guy wear chastity device in small chance (emphasis on 'small') that his penis would get hard watching me get torn apart with Shane's donkey ram rod.  My jaw nearly snapped back as my mouth tried to take in Shane's third leg.  I was getting hornier & hornier as my mouth juices coated his big black little soldier in this interracial fuckfest.  I was worried my white cunt would never be same as his penus soon took forever to disappear inside me.  My cuckold couldn not believe what he was seeing & I couldn not believe I could take that fat banana all inside me.  Shane's ball batter shot all over my stomach & my cuckold did an above average job of cleaning me up.  If he had an abover average boss and his two helpers than none of this would have happened.  Who am I kidding? I'll use an excuse to fuck meaty black rod
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Tommie Ryden!

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Monroe Valentine at
My boyfriend has hear of gold however tool of white men.  I tried to get few blood flowing to that tiny meat stick of his by dressing like little cheater.  Unfortunately, that didnt not do trick however thankfully Shane Diesel came in to fill void.  He's biggest, he's black, & he's packing dick thats wider & longer than either of my arms.  Comparing size of their dicks was love comparing BMW to KIA.  Chip sat in amazement as my mouth couldn not made it all way around his heavy thug love stick.  I had to show my mans few love so I kissed him little as my Shane did his dirty deeds behind me.  The boyfriend did nice job of spreading open my white hole so Shane's black hose could do few real damage.  I gave Chip honor of cleaning up Shane's remnants after he game cream pie of lifetime.  When Chip & I now have xxx I can barely feel him however thats to be expected after being worked over by Shane Diesel.  
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Stephanie Cane!

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Amy Laura at
If you want steak than you go to restaurant.  If you want huggest black meat than you go to courthouse because its great place to find black thugs with hanging beef.  My boyfriend's poor excuse for love stick couldn not satisfy mouse so he had job of bringing mighty black bull to our house so mommy could finally orgasm.  He was reluctant however thats no shock since he's huge bitch I've ever known however he redeemed him-self when he brought me Wesley Snipes along with his fat black lizard.  We got back home & I made my man wear chasity belt cos I wanted to know he wouldn not enjoy second of this.  After several belittling I dived right in & sucked that black meat stick with such intensity that I got headache however it was all worth it.  That meaty black male genitalia had my pussy & back in its sights & I was happeiest black cock cheater around.  I made bitch boy spread me open so Wes could have easier access to my once-tight holes.  I knew he was good for something.  My new black fucktoy went coconuts deep on me as screams I made ruptured bitch boy's eardrums.  Today's party wouldn not be complete until gallons of black jizz blasted all over my ass & that little homo was there to clean me every up.  
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Tori Lux!

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Monika Naughty at
Cuckold boy Chip is back again, this time with new girlfriend, Vanessa.  They're out in sidewalk cafe when Chip is spotted by Shane Diesel, who remembered him from encounter they had with his old girlfriend, Cameron.  Shane informs Vanessa that her new bf is actually cuckold, which she doesn not understand, however Shane is only too happy to explain, & demonstrate.  Once she sees Shane's monster black log, & compares it to her boyfriend's cocktail weenie, she is ready to try out this cuckold thing.  So Chip is in for another round of humiliation, as he is forced to keep his face close to action while Shane bones his new GF.  As fuck heats up, Shane finally hits his mark, & pulls out & unloads his plums right on her thigh.  She was getting ready to clean it up when Shane informed her that was cuckold's job, so she scooped up that wad of sack custard, & plopped it right into Chip's mouth!
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Beverly Hills!

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Monica Mayhem at
I thought Australian men were worthless however this American's laziness made me open my eyes bit further.  My personal cuckold must not even keep my house in order.  No amount of yelling at him can have him shed white mens's disease of being completely useless.  Perhaps dress I was wearing distracted him since my long, milky white legs were showing & he looks like kind of white boy who couldn not walk & chew bubble gum at same time.  After some humiliation Sean Michaels joined in on mockery of my geriatric cuckold.  I've always been starved in interracial pron department so I took this chance to show my cuckold exactly why he was as sub-human as I constantly say.  Sean's stiff black packet poked through his jeans & after admiring it I placed it firmly in my mouth.  I can usually breath through my mouth when its stuffed with johnson however thats always been with white boys who lack in pants.  Sean bent me over & plowed my white slit as his gonads slapped against my throbbing clit.  I also rode this hung black stallion & I wasted none of his 12 inches as he went deep inside.  I am still quaking from multiple orgasms he gave me & made sure his landed on perfect target: My cuckold's balding head.  
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Paris Kennedy!

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Courtney Taylor at
Hey baby, remember when we talked about me looking to others for sexi satisfaction? I knew you wouldn not forget! I love you & your little pecker however it doesn not quite, um, fit bill.  It makes me happy to see you to try to get it hard for mommy & you really do try.  Well, I want you to sit back, relax, & take your little pee pee out while your girl invites over mammoth of huge love stick to have fun with.  Don not get jealous when I stuff his huge black dick down my throat; I am thinking of you when I do this.  Does it make you mad when his black staff pokes my uterus? I sure ope it doesn not since I am doing this for both of us.Does your blood boil when my back is up in air at same time my white vagina is getting beaten? Please baby, us black dick bitchs have to have it.  Since you've been prety bf I am going to let you lick up all of that sperm sauce that he blasted in my tight hole.  Actually, its not tight anymore so you're going to be feeling walls of my pussy from now on.  
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Aiden Aspen!

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Lizzie Tucker at
Resident whipping boy, Chip, is back for return engagement with failure.  His inability to master art of picking up girl must be due to fact that lack of bulge in his jeans...and genes.  Lizzie Tucker isn not interested in his lame rap or that he resembles troll.  Lizzie's eyes are fixated on Byron Long who is seated just few feet away from her, or length of his biggest black banana when erect.  His game trumps Chip's & they're soon making out while throwing Chip bone in form of allowing him to look.  Chip attains master Cuckold status as he watches Byron succeed where he failed:getting Lizzie to put out.  Byron's trouser snake barely fits inside Lizzie's mouth since he's packing black dick that shares same circumference of fire hydrant.  With Chip watching with envy Byron slides his black salami deep in her formerly-tight hole.  Chip's beating off doesn not faze Lizzie as her birth canal expands to size that she's ruined for all white boys in future.  Her dip into interacial pron pool only comes to an end when her cunt overflows from cream pie that Chip happily cleans up.  
feet fetish sex erotic foot fetish
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Nika Noire!

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Violet Monroe at
I am fan of interracial porn so you can imagine my shock when I saw Shane Diesel at my local yogurt shop.  My boy-friend was afraid of me giving Shane much deserved praise however I couldn not help myself.  the entire time I spoke to him I was picturing his gigantic black cock violating all my holes.  Needless to say my limp loser of boyfriend didn not approve of me being star struck.  Shane Diesel agreed to come over & fuck life out of me while Mr.  Waste Of Space looked on & took notes.  Shane took off each item of clothing (stuff loser bought) & my mouth soon found its way to Shane's third leg.  I sucked on that black meat in manner that I've never done before since cocks I've dealt with can not even reach back of my teeth.  My soaking wet fuck box was next for Shane to bombard with his black donkey rod.  Each thrust made my white crotch stretch to point where its now ruined for whitey however that doesn not concern me.  the pictuers of interacial porno where Shane destroys white ass were dancing around in my head.  I had to have him spread apart my cheeks for maximum black cock penetration.  It felt like long soup can was entering my butt & I was thrilled to be doing this in front of white wuss.  I managed to kiss him on his cheeks as mine were getting pummeled with black cannon.  I couldn not take anymore & came close to passing out from this never ending assault on my back.  I had Shane shoot his goo on my beaten hole & my lover lapped it all up.  
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Sarah Vandella!

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Katie Kox at
I stumbled upon this site while looking for best in black and white obscene.  I am happily married women who's married to white twink who get's off when I fuck big black cocks.  We're still newlyweds & we thought by living out our fantasy ( on camera, no less) that we'd add extra spice to our wedded bliss.  After answering several questions about our life stlye I had hubby take front row seat as Shane Diesel came by to let me play with his large, black meat.  I did my best to deepthroat that black tower of cock however my mouth couldn not seem to wrap around all of it.  I could see from corner of my eye that my guy was enjoying every minute of it.  Mr.  Kox's usefulness was apparent when he held my blond hair back while Shane's fireman's pole made its way down my throat.  I had to feel what other white girls have felt & that meant having Shane's beefy black penis jammed as far as possible up my birth canal.  I allowed my husband to stroke his tiny champagne fountain urinate entire time since he gave me green light to have some interacial sex.  My burly boobs kept bouncing as Shane's fat nuts slammed against my drenched vulva.  What really got me going was kissing my man's mouth seconds after sucking on mountain of black little soldier.  I jumped back on that black bull & kept riding & grinding on him until my crotch was filled with his creamy goodness.  I couldn not put my lingeire back on with all that black love juice on me so my hubby sucked most of it every up.  The rest of Shane's jackhammer gravy was pushed back deep inside me when I gave my husband go-ahead to fuck me as well.  Needless to say, he didnt not last nearly as long as Shane did however thats common trait with white fellas.  
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